Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chicken pix...

Since we now have a completed canning closet, I finally had a chance to take my excess canning jars out of the barn and get them inventoried and stored in the house.  - only to find chickens using them as roosts.

Oh well, nothing a little soap and water won't fix.


  1. (Chicken speak) MMMMM where do I lay those eggs?
    I am a canning junkie. I have jars everywhere. I should blog about my system. Here is the just of it. Clean it and put it in large bins so they are clean and sterile ready for next canning project. Speeds up the next project a ton. Then, all I have to do is rinse with water and place in hot oven for hot pack stuff or clean and let air dry on counter for cold pack.. So easy..
    Thanks for sharing, I am on my way over to check out your canning closet entry.


  2. Your australorp looks just like one of our two that follow us everywhere! Isn't it nice having room for all your stuff? Great job on the canning closet - it's awesome!

  3. They were just looking at their final resting place.

  4. LOL Bustednuckles! That chicken was picking her burial plot. :)


  5. I'm surprised that they weren't trying to hatch the jars.

    SwampMan used to get soooo aggravated at my ditzy hens that would sneak into his barn and try to hatch out his lil' containers of 3-in-1 oil.

  6. Well, better a hen that will try to hatch anything, than a hen that won't even sit on her own eggs!

  7. This is culling out the dumb ones. Don't you see? That great invisible completely random brain that is improving species(except the human species) is doing it's thing. Oh, I guess that is a different topic for a different time. Sometimes a silly chicken is just that and nothing more.