Thursday, October 7, 2010

More mushrooms

After posting photos of the Shaggy Mane mushrooms a few days ago, I went out and photographed some more specimens we had scattered around. I also did some reading up on Shaggy Manes and learned that yes, they are edible. That said, you couldn't pay me to eat them. I'm not enough of a mushroom aficionado to risk my life eating wild mushrooms. Call me fussy.

Shaggy Manes apparently can't be grown commercially because they're so short-lived.  Within hours of picking, they dissolve into black "ink."  Even in the wild, they turn to ink quickly.

Here's the photo I originally put on the blog:

...and the exact same group twenty-four hours later.

You can see the spatters of black ink on the ground beneath the umbrellas.  Not exactly as tasty-looking, are they?

Here are some more mushroom shots just for fun.

Can you see the edges just turning to ink?

This one is pretty much on its last gasp.


  1. Ewww ...I don't even like the taste of 'pretty' mushrooms. Go ahead and call ME fussy, my husband does. I just tell him that leaves more for him! Mushrooms are technically a fungus. Why with so many WONDERFUL edibles in this world would we eat fungus?!?

  2. Icky! I hear ya, I don't eat any mushrooms except the little button type that is grown commercially. Of course, many people know what to pick and when, but each year there are several people who end up dead or with liver transpants because they picked and ate the wrong ones. Nope, I like my liver the way it is...thanks just the same.

    Anonymous Patriot

  3. in the mid '60's my grandma ran a cafe/truckstop with half a dozen or so was the coolest place to visit...anyway, i remember one thing off the menu that was really fantastic and that was her fried mouth is watering now as i think about them...and i have not found anyone who can fry up mushrooms the way she did.