Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tractor woes

Our 1949 Ford 8N tractor has been out of commission since early summer, hampering many of our projects.  Now that our busy season is over, we can finally get the tractor fixed so we can catch up on at least some of the delayed projects before the snow flies.

The mechanic who will be fixing the tractor is about thirty miles away, so we had to borrow a trailer from some dear (and patient) friends (the same ones who loaned us their tractor at various times during the summer).

Since the tractor isn't starting, we used our car to tow it over to the trailer until it was close enough to attach a tow line.

To further complicate matters, the tow thingymabob on the trailer wasn't working, so Don cleverly cobbled it up to our car engine to power it.

We put boards across the trailer ramp to support the weight of the tractor as it was towed on.  You can see the tow cable stretched across the trailer to the tractor.

Hoisted on!

Ready to strap down.

And off it goes for repair!


  1. what is the problem with the tractor? parts can be hard to find for old for 8N, 9N, jubilees.. bridgeport equipment in bridgeport, ne has good inventory of parts, even hard to find parts like hydraulic pumps

  2. I understand the tractor troubles! I just got my 1955 Ford 960 going again about a month ago.