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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pretty pix

As a break from all the serious stuff we've been discussing lately, I thought I would offer a virtual tour of some of the pictures we have hanging in our house. Every one of these pix (with one exception) are thrift store finds. I think you'll find there's a common theme in them.

My favorite:

This painting (shown below) deserves special mention, because it's just that: an original painting. An older woman in our church -- quiet, unassuming, recovering from a hard life -- hides the most astounding talent as an artist. She is forever giving her art away and doesn't believe anyone would ever want to pay her for her talent. Instead she donates most of her art toward community fundraisers (raffles, etc). She agreed to paint a picture for us in exchange for -- are you ready for this? -- fresh ground beef. This was the result.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best paint job for a bus

A friend sent this.  Who do you suppose is the unsung hero who painted it?

(Click on the photo to enlarge and appreciate all the subtleties.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WAY COOL pic!!

Hey, guess what! A reader named Sandra Spencer asked permission to take one of my photos and paint it. Look at the results!

Here's the original picture:

Here's her painting (she said she "edited out the undies," LOL):

Is this cool or what?? I'm one of those people with negative artistic talent, so I stand in awe of those who can do this kind of stuff.

Check out Sandra's blog and see some of the other neat things she does.