Saturday, October 16, 2010

Awwww, cute widdle doggie pictures

My husband warns me against turning this into a doggy blog, but once in awhile I give in to temptation.

Caught in a sunbeam...


She still fits in her favorite chair.  How, I don't know.

"You laughing at me?"

By the way, it occurs to me I probably have a bunch of new readers unfamiliar with this dog's history.  Let me briefly explain.

Last summer my beloved Great Pyrenees/Irish wolfhound Gypsy came down with lymphoma and we had to euthanize her at six years old.  I was shattered.  I tend to get ridiculously fond of my dogs, and six years was far too early to lose a dog as magnificent as Gypsy.

By the grace of God and the kindness of some wonderful breeders, we brought Lydia into our lives just a day or two after losing Gypsy.  I never thought I could be as fond of another dog as I was of Gypsy, but Lydia stole our hearts immediately.  She's a purebred Great Pyrenees and is now almost 18 months old.  A Great Pyrenees can be a livestock guardian or a family guardian, but not both.  For us, Lydia is a family guardian.

Just so's ya know.


  1. Dear Lydia (+ Lydia's Mom and Dad and Kids),

    Please tell your People that you have every right to a share in this blog because of all of your steadfast loyalty and noble guarding of them all. Who else would go out and bark at the dangerous stuff!!! Please tell them that we LOVE the dog and chicken and cow and tractor and kid and fence and garden and sunrise and sunset, etc. photos. 8-)
    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  2. Lydia is quite beautiful and I never tire of her pics. I was wondering, as I have two goofy and adoring springer spaniels, how you store dog food for an emergency. I use about 35 lbs of ProPlan a month and I wonder how I could store extra without it going rancid.

  3. We just recently bought a Great Pyrenees and I am more in love than I thought possible. What a sweet natured obedient dog she is! I found it funny as I read your post that your last was named Gypsy. We had picked out that name before visiting the breeder, until we found our sweet girl and the name didn't fit. We've named this one Freyja and she's stolen our hearts! I wasn't aware that they are either a family or flock guardian. Seems we'll have to get another one when we purchase our cow and chickens :) As Freyja is definitely a family guardian. It makes me especially happy that she is extra fond of me.... probably cause I feed her.
    @ Patti~ We feed our dog left over organ meat, cooked rice, eggs, and cooked fruits and veggies. If we were ever in a state of emergency, Freyja would still be well fed as we have bulk dry goods, apple trees and we always have large amounts of meat in the freezer which allows us not to have to rely on Dog food. It will also ensure that Freyja will be a very healthy dog, since this is a more natural diet. I'm curious what Patricia's solution is too though.

  4. Just FYI Lacey - I have to approve comments before they're posted. In other words, they're not posted automatically. (Keeps the trolls at bay.) If I'm away from my computer for any length of time, sometimes comments pile up. Be patient, I'll get to them. (smile)

    - Patrice

  5. Tell the ol' man to butt out. We have dogs, too, and we LOVE your pictures of dogs! Besides, as long as you also have your cows, horses, chickens, daughters, etc., and you keep taking and showing pix of them all, there will be plenty of diversity for everyone! (Maybe hubby is a bit jealous and would like you to take more pix of HIM, ya think? Hehehe...)

  6. @ Patti, transfer the dog chow to food grade mylar bags , which is then placed in a 5 gallon bucket. Put an oxygen absorber at the bottom, middle and top of the bag. Heat seal the bag and cover the bucket. Check every six months to make sure the dried dog food is okay.

  7. I never ever get tired of seeing dog pics - keep postin' 'em...your Lydia is adorable!