Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the radio tonight

Just as a reminder, I'll be on BlogTalkRadio tonight with Darrel Mulloy.  He wrote this way too flattering introduction as follows:

You are not going to want to miss tonight's show. Our guest is Patrice Lewis who writes a regular weekly column at WorldNetDaily and through several print magazines. She will tell us about how she and her family have carved out a lifestyle that is making them more independent and self sufficient, and how we can to some degree do the same, even if your family farm is only a residential lot. We all may not be able to do what the Lewis family have done, but we can do more than what most of us are now doing.

Patrice and her family not only raise their own food, both meat and produce, but she has homeschooled her two daughters, makes much of their clothing, and she and her husband run a home based wood crafts business that provides them with the income they need for the things they cannot make or grow themselves.

Tell your friends about this show and call in with any questions you might have for Patrice. The chatroom will also be open for your comments and questions. Please join us tonight at 8PM Central. I think you will be glad you did.

The show can be heard on your computer at or on your phone by dialing 347-945-7476

Actually I had to correct the "makes much of their clothing" part, since it takes a virtual Act of Congress to get me to sew (ew yuck).  Doesn't mean I can't - sorta - I just don't like it.

Anyway, hope you can all listen tonight.  Or, since this is Texas, maybe I should say "Hope ya'll can listen tonight."


  1. Well this man clearly has his head on straight and his intellect in gear!

    I'm not sure I'll get to tune in live, but I'm hoping there will be an archived recording.

    And darlin' Patrice, far be it from me to lecture you, but as a girl with southern-fried roots, I feel I need to point out the term y'all is the contraction for you all. The generally accepted written form therefor calls for the apostrophe to fall between the y and the a. I'm only telling you this because if you're gonna be hangin' with these obviously smart Texans, you need to know these things. LOL

    And as I've reminded you so many times, I ain't neither got no bad grammar.

    Go get 'em, homegirl. It's a better world when voices and messages like yours are heard.

    A. McSp

  2. And the plural of y'all is "all y'all".
    Y'all is singular.


  3. Great point.

    Ain't culture wonderful??

    All y'all pay attention, 'cause Terry's right!

    A. McSp