Friday, October 15, 2010


Along with the rest of the world, we were transfixed.  And thrilled.  And teary-eyed.


  1. Miracles do happen, those 33 miners are living proof of that.

    Had I been in that small underground space for more than 5 minutes, I would have been clawing my way out. I don't even like underground parking garages. No sireee.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. It so WASN'T a miracle. It was days & days of unremitting skilled engineering.

  3. The team that went from PA over to help out was formed after the PA mine accident a few years ago. The miners who made it wanted to make an emergency team to go anywhere in the world if something happened like that accident happened again. They had the knowledge of how to drill cause they had members of the drill team on the emergency team. My MIL lives a few miles from the PA site and explained this to me while I was visiting her this past week. They showed the team returning and being interviewed at the airport. Team members stated it was all in God's hands now since man had done all they could. While the team landed in PA they were starting to bring out the first miner in Chile. Thought it was cool having a little more of the story from MIL.