Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ten Commandments and Congress

The other day in Spokane, I saw this sign outside a business:

And it got me thinking - what would the Ten Commandments look like if ran through Congress?  Send me your best shots.  You don't have to do all ten, just the ones you want... but your ideas should be interesting!


  1. what a question!!! and a really scary one too. it would probably take 2000 pages just to do "thou shalt not kill" because congress always has to make exceptions to their rules.

  2. 1. Thou shall have no god other than the government.

    2. Thou shall not make graven images, unless they are stamped "property of the government" so we can requisition them.

    3. Thou shall not speak the name of the government with anything except fondness less you be convicted of hate speech.

    4. Remember the Sabbath day, it is another day to work and pay thou taxes.

    5. Honor thy government, that your days may be long and we do not send thugs to snuff out your life early.

    6. Thou shall not kill, the government however is exempt in war time or peace, against all who we deem are a threat to us. We are very good at this!

    7. Thou shall not commit adultery, we do enough for all of you, on your tax dollars too. Cigar anyone?

    8. Thou shall not steal, that is our job.

    9. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor, except when we need to falsify some "official" documents to cover up our scams.

    10. Thou shall not covet anything that belongs to thy neighbor, because we will lower the standard of living so everyone has their entitled rations equally, however, we are exempted, of course.

  3. 1. Congress is the lord of all people and the word of the land.

    2. You shall have no other government nor create another government in our image.

    3. You shall not question the governments decisions.

    4. Remember the laws of political correctness and keep them sacred.

    5. Honor your representative and senator.

    6. You shall take any life we deem necessary.

    7. Adultery may not be used in family court unless the guilty party is male.

    8. You shall not cheat on your taxes.

    9. Perjury is only permitted by service unions.

    10. You shall not covet your neighbors wife but must wait for her to file a no fault divorce.

    Best I could do off the cuff..

  4. ALL entries are very funny, yet too close to being reality.

    Anonymous Patriot

  5. This project has been sent to congressional sub- committee for more clarification and they have ordered environmental studies. We feel certain, considering the importance of this project, that the FDA, DEA and Homeland Security will rush the studies. Because of the inclusion of a coveted ass, the Dept. of Agriculture has asked to be read in. Final versions of the "10 RECOMMENDATIONS" will be returned to the Senate for consideration within the next ten to twenty years.
    Thank you for your inquiry.

  6. LOL! I like the Anonymous post from Oct. 22, at 12:19 p.m. That person must have worked closely with the government bureaucracy.


  7. A couple:

    Thou shalt not hold any religion but that of agnosticism with passion and exclusivity.

    Thou shalt not steal without going through the proper red tape.