Saturday, October 23, 2010

On the river

Last Wednesday, which is the day Younger Daughter and her friend Miss Calamity volunteer at the county animal shelter, Older Daughter and I spent a couple hours on a dock of the river.  (Older Daughter volunteers every other week, and this was her day off.)  It was just about the last expected warm and sunny day of the season, and the river was beautiful this time of year.  I got lots of writing done and Older Daughter had a new book from the library she devoured until some friends showed up.

As we headed into town, we passed under a train going over the trestle.

Speaking of trestles, the one crossing the river in town looked spiffy as it was reflected in the water.  The air is still a bit smokey from some recent field burning.

Climbing a log.  What is it about kids and logs?

Fall leaves on the water's edge.

Ripples on the water.

A logging truck crossing the bridge.  Logging is the mainstay for this community, as it is for many small Idaho towns.  It's taken a hard hit in this economy.

Walking with a friend.

An abandoned staircase to nowhere.


  1. Is there anything better than a comfortably warm October afternoon? The lower sun angle creates beautiful skies. But look over there. Is that terrible storm clouds? It is if you are a progressive whatever. Step one is just ahead. Don't forget to vote!

  2. Very cool pix! The ripples on the water pic is perfect. The others seem to say "farewell to another year" in almost a melancholy way.

    Anonymous Patriot

  3. Makes me wanna wet a hook!!