Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's a small world

Wanna hear something cool?

You might remember a few months ago I had two BlogTalkRadio interviews with Paul Wald of SaltCreekLife.

Well Paul was in Kansas City recently, and he visited the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and saw our booth!  KC, as we call it, is the cause of all our recent busyness.  Our booth managers Tess and D are a husband/wife team who have been selling our tankards for well over a decade.  Together they are the most awesome sales team on the planet.

Anyway, Paul took the following photos and gave me permission to post them here.

Thanks, Paul!


  1. Last time I saw them at the KC Renn Faire they were working out of a wagon to sell your tankards. Good to see them doing so well. If you speak with them tell them Ottar says Hi

  2. someday i would like to get out there to idaho just to see for myself with my own eyes those glorious sunsets...thank you!

  3. There is a Salt Creek in the middle of our town. It is probably 110 miles long and played a rather significant role in the history of how this town developed. It's too boring and lengthy to get into but isn't it interesting what a difference an obstacle like a creek could make back in the day.