Saturday, October 9, 2010

Her future husband

My oldest daughter and I were heading into the city a couple of weeks ago.  We stopped in our local town for gas.  Another vehicle was also pulled up and a teenager was pumping gas into his family's car, but I didn't pay him much attention.

I went inside to get my change.  As I got back into the car I saw my fourteen-year-old daughter turned around in her seat, staring after the car that was driving away.

Before I could ask what she was looking at, she settled back in her seat and announced (to my considerable surprise), "I just saw my future husband."

Well, this took a little digesting on my part.  I asked what it was about the young man that caught her attention.

She started ticking off points on her fingers.  "He's Christian, because the car had Christian bumper stickers," she began.  "He's about my age but not in school, so he must be homeschooled.  He wasn't slouching, texting, and didn't have his jeans around his knees.  He had blond curls, like the 'little people' in legends.  He was wearing a beret, which I love but no one, especially teenage boys, would be caught dead in around here.  And finally, he was wearing a 'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King' t-shirt."

After a long pause, she added “It’s kind of a pity I’ll never see him again."

Upon reflection, that's not a bad list of character traits for a fourteen-year-old to assemble about her future husband.  Pity she'll never see him again.


  1. What makes her think she'll never see him again? It was in your local town, so why not.

    : )

  2. I think she's looking for someone who truly stands out for all the right reasons. That's awesome. Who knows? Maybe she will meet him again....

    God has His ways.

  3. There is nothing inherently wrong with it. Like drinking, it is only bad when done to excess, resulting in texter thumb, a $7,000 phone bill, and/or the inability to communicate appropriately in any other form.

    Xa Lynn

  4. What a smart girl. Patrice, you've got some wonderful kids!

  5. Who knows, she may have just seen her future husband. It's a small world.

  6. Those sound like pretty good traits to me. :) Nice choice on her part.

  7. sometimes we are blessed with a "picture from the future" be it just a feeling or a dream..and sometimes they come true (dejavue?) at least she is thinking on her future and seems to be pretty smart. who knows, you might have had a passing view of a future son in law.

  8. My youth leader had us write a "list" of the qualities we wanted in our future husbands. I found mine tucked in an old Bible shortly after our marriage. It's amazing how God how works because not only did I get the mate God chose for me, he exceeded everything I could have asked for! She's on the right track.

  9. A teenage boy wearing a beret and a Lord of the Rings t-shirt can't be hard to spot in Idaho. She'll see him again.

    Anonymous Patriot

  10. Boy howdy it's nice to see intelligent children out there. I've been blessed with my four, but I always rejoice to see another out there. Congratulations, and God Bless......

  11. It happen all the times in the movies. Never try to outguess God.

  12. it may have been our 15 year old son Patrice - we take our son to Bonners for orthodontics, he is blond, soon to be Eagle Scout, Christian, Home-schooled and raises Highland Cattle :>)



  13. LOL, Jake - does your son like Lord of the Rings and other classic fantasy literature? That's a prime consideration, y'know...

    - Patrice

  14. yes he does Patrice :>) - he and his little brother (who has Down Syndrome) were watching Two Towers this weekend

    and his sisters (all 3 of them) LOVE to kid him ... he thinks other girls do not like him and they constantly tease him how other teen girls are checking him out

    what an awful and wonderful age 15 :>)


  15. My wife and I got quite a laugh from "Her Future Husband" and all the responses. Sounds like a lot of wonderfully sensible people follow your blog, Patrice! And you never know, maybe your daughter DID see her future husband. It may have been Jake's 15-year-old son. Does he wear a beret? He didn't say.

  16. Patrice,
    Please tell you daughter that the Lord will bring the perfect man to her at the perfect time.
    The Lord brought my husband to me in a very strange and wonderful way. Only as our wonderful, loving Father can.
    My husband sent a fax (way back in the day) to my office and I was his assigned rep. We hit it off on the phone. Fast forward.. 12 years of marriage, 3 kids and a host of other history... we lived happily ever after.
    Another story of "happenstance" ... an evangelist friend's daughter went with her mother to a yard and garden center. She had NEVER shown an interest in gardening before, but went this one day to a store the mother had never been to before. A young man spotted the mom and daughter and was smitten, yet too shy to approach the daughter. He asked the owner of the store if he could have the telephone number on the check the mother had written. The owner of the store said no, he'd just have to find another way to communicate with the girl. He had no human way to find her. So he prayed.
    The next day the mother and daughter came back to the store because they had forgotten something. He took the opportunity to approach her.
    This was 15 years ago and they are now happily married.
    If it's meant to be, the Lord will find a wonderful way!
    I too am anxious to know if Jake's son wore a beret.
    Keep us posted!