Friday, October 8, 2010

Random pix

Yes, that's a giraffe.  Sort of.  These shots were taken in Spokane the other night when the girls and I got home late.  We stopped at a traffic light which had a used car dealer on one corner.  This car dealer's "schtick" was to put an enormous stuffed animal on top each vehicle.  It is certainly eye-catching!  And, at dusk, surreal.

I was driving on our dirt road the other morning when I noticed mountain bluebirds flitting about.  Normally we get western bluebirds around here, but once in awhile we get the more stunning (because it's all blue) mountain bluebird.

But they're hard to photograph because they flit away when you get too close.  So I set the camera on maximum resolution and just took some shots, hoping I could crop them and see the birds more clearly.  Not the best option, but at least they're visible.

We were driving past the lake the other day when I noticed a huge collection of coots.  They tend to gather in clusters in the fall, and this cluster was enormous - I'm guessing several thousand birds.  So I pulled over to see if I could photograph them.  Not the clearest shots, and I couldn't get them all in one photo because they were strung out in a long line.  (It's the thin black line on the water below.)

We also noticed this funky fungus growing on a tree.  Anyone know what it is?


  1. This could be a Bearded Tooth.
    Description: Large, whitish mass, beard like mass, with long teeth. It is every where in the US and it is edible. Also called, Unbranched Hericium, the Satyr's Beard,and the Hedgehog Mushroom. Choice when young and turns sour with age. A friend called it Cabbage.
    Have a great fall.

  2. I know exactly which car dealership this is! When our daughter was very small, she wanted us to buy a car just so she could have the big dog stuffy!

  3. I was just over at DowntoEarthNW and thought you'd like this link:

  4. Just a bit of trivia that I found interesting about "blue" birds...


  5. That, my dear, is the Fungus Funkius. Doesn't everyone know that? ;o)