Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letters from a Homesteading Wife

Here's a spiffy blog I just found called "Letters from a Homesteading Wife."

Among her many charming, homey posts, this lady has a piece called "The boys we need" which reinforces my belief that we must encourage our sons to be MEN, not boys-in-men's-clothing.  She also wrote a piece called "Adventures in parenting" which had me laughing out loud 'cuz it's so true.

This blog is well worth bookmarking.


  1. Thank you for this introduction, Patrice. Chloris thinks clearly and writes well, doesn't she? And I think she likes you! I was really pleased to see the number of links she provides to your WND pieces.

    I was especially gratifies to see she's a fellow Washingtonian.

    So my big question is: how'd she get that dang picture of my house on her blogsite??? LOL



    This appears to be a copy of an otherwise unavailable piece by Kim du Toit called:
    "The Pussification Of The Western Male"

    Kim is er.. well.. DIRECT in this rant. The title should give you a hint, so read with care.