Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to Berkey Water Filters!

I'm delighted to introduce our first advertiser, Berkey Water Systems.

As you can imagine, we're not about to accept ads from companies whose products we couldn't endorse with enthusiasm, and that's why we were so pleased about Berkey.  This is a company solidly in the camp of folks who are concerned about our economy and our power grid.  They offer products that can supply that most precious of resources - clean drinkable water - without the use of electricity.  (I also like their slogan: "Helping you prepare while time is on your side.")

The filters are gravity-operated and they'll clean out any yucky element you can throw at 'em - pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, herbicides, pesticides, organic solvents, detergents, silt, sediment, you name it.

Berkey is an established and respected name in water filtration.  I urge you to visit their website (listed on the right-hand side of the page) and explore their products.


  1. Congratulations Don and Patrice!!

    A. McSp

  2. Paraphrasing Monty Python:
    "I don't think he'll be too keen on that - E's already got one..."

    Great device. We have had one for about a year. It is doing a great job of converting undrinkable city water into the good stuff. We just gave one to another family - so now their water is good too.

    Ours paid for itself in about ten months vs. the Whole Foods bottled water we were buying. Now we don't have to lug the 2.5 gallon bottles home and deal with the recycling hassle. There is minor upkeep on the thing, by my L.A.T.* wife is handling that quite well.

    If you don't have one, seriously consider it. No plumbing (we rent - can't plumb anything in), gravity powered and it works a treat! It is NOT one of those wimpy Brita units. It works and has great capacity.


    *L.A.T. -> Lovely And Talented

  3. We've had our Berkey for about 7 years and we love it. I didn't know how bad the tap water I had been drinking was until I tried a glass at my parents' house 3 months after drinking only Berkey water! Amazing difference.
    Andrea S

  4. We have the stainless steel unit from Berkey and are really pleased with it. We have the second one down from the top in regards to size. We have a cistern. A cistern is a large (6,000 gallon) underground tank where we catch our rainwater off of our roof. It is our drinking water, our everything water. We also heat with wood. In the fall and winter when the wood stove is cranked up, the ash from the wood stove gets on the roof and washes down in the rain. It then makes the water taste like wood ash. it will do the same thing if it is raining and we are burning our wood furnace. The Berkey takes all of the WOOD ASH TASTE OUT of the water and makes it drinkable. Wonderful! Also, the children drink lots of water since they walk by the Berkey all the time and it reminds them to drink water. It is wonderful! My daughter got one for her small family but she got the "baby Berkey" in stainless steel. She likes hers too! Great product!

  5. Thanks so much to everyone who commented on the Berkey's. We are happy to be here and glad to support the blog.


  6. I just bought a Berkey last week... I figured it was worth a shot! I'm so, so pleased with the company and the product, and look at it as an investment in our health and preparations for tougher times. The filters are easy to use and maintain, and do everything they claim. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? You bet!

    Congrats on the advertiser... what a way to start!


  7. Love Berkey!
    About 4yrs ago I did a lot of research on water purifiers for emergencies, we have an under the counter unit for normal usage, (Aquasana) and I decided on a Berkey traveler, (well really the decision was made for me as California only allows them to ship the Traveler? Something about our water regulations?) It was in our prep supplies untill my son went away to college and he took it have safe water to drink. I added the fluoride filter as his new city adds fluoride to their water. Yuk! I then bought a larger one (Royal) as a replacement ( had to have it shipped to a friends house in Washington State, then she shipped it to me). A pain, but worth it. Great company!