Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cry me a river

Okay, here's a soppy "poor me" article on the "horrible" losses Democrats are likely to suffer in the upcoming mid-term elections this Tuesday.

Somehow, after stomping with great enthusiasm on the Constitution for the last two years (well okay, the last hundred years), I don't feel too sorry for them.

Of course that said, I don't hold great hopes that any incoming Republicans will be much better, given time.  Every politician is perfect on election day.  Only time will tell whether the new GOPs will be flip sides of the same coin.

Hang on folks, gonna be a rough ride.

 But for God's sake, VOTE.


  1. I keep hoping, waiting, looking for one - JUST ONE - Democrat to see the light. Just one to wake up and proclaim, "You know something? The American people are right. This isn't the way to run a country. I'm going to change the way I've been doing business from now on!"

    That's the 'romantic' side of me I guess. Then the practical side kicks in and I realize we're dealing with a Road to Damacus type conversion here. It ain't gonna happen.

    Instead, we get treated to comments, both subtle and not-so-subtle, about how dumb we John Q. Public types really. We can't appreciate what they're trying to do for us. Or we're just scared and not thinking straight.

    God help me. The things I'd like to do when I hear that crap can't be put into print 'cause I like sleeping in my own bed.

    Assuming Tea Party Republicans do sweep the House, and hopefully the Senate, doesn't mean we can breathe easy. Far from it. Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  2. One thing about the progressives, they don't give up. They might lose this round, but they aren't going away. November 2 is just the beginning, we must continue to be watchful and make all politicians toe the line. If we don't pay attention, the newly elected will become as corrupt as their predecessors. So, as the Bible instructs us, we must be watchmen - watch!

    Anonymous Patiot

  3. You summed up what many of us feel very succinctly. If (not counting any chickens until they're hatched...) the GOP gets any kind of majority and they don't at least offer some kind of alternative to the President's agenda, I predict President Obama will enjoy a second term.

  4. Save the Canning JarsNovember 1, 2010 at 9:42 AM

    My out-of-state sister-in-law (a democrat) phoned yesterday whining about seeing a few cases of homelessness (she wants social justice). I told her to brace herself for some rough times ahead, no matter which way this election goes.

    If the democrats continue this trillion dollar spending, the economy is going to collapse and she will see more cases of homelessness. If the republicans can get a better foothold and stop spending plus start paying off the debt, it's going to be painful as well ('cause it hurts to do the right thing).

    I've seen the road ahead and it's ROUGH!

  5. Well hand me a snot rag. Poor little democrats.

    I certainly agree with everything written above...
    although I'd have to add there are surely those among us who fit the 'not too bright' label the biggydems are handing out. The problem is, the dim bulbs...uh, make that dem bulbs, appear to mostly be on the liberal side of the equation. Many get their "news" from the likes of the Daily Show and Rachel Maddow and the Lamestream media, too dimwitted to discern the difference between news and propaganda.
    Eternal vigilance is not optional. It is a vital necessity. I look around me and ask myself it that will be enough, or will folks finally be pushed so far that they'll have to throw down and win back the country...?

    Prayers up, everyone.

    A.P. where's the cammo duct tape? My mouth requires covering.


  6. A.McSp - no camo duct tape needed, you said what many believe to be the only "solution."

    Vote like your lives depended on it, because they just might.

    Anonymous Patriot

  7. While I do believe that there will be a Republican landslide on Nov. 2, I don't believe that it will make much difference in the direction our country is going.

    Here's why.

    Since Nov. 4, 2008, the problem has not been a runaway Obama agenda. The problem has not been the trillions in added debt. The problem has not been legislating by executive order. The problem has not been a president that hates the United States and seeks to destroy this once great nation.

    No. The problem is that a man sits in the Oval Office who is not Constitutionally eligible to be there. It's that simple.

    If all the complaining, caterwauling, maneuvering, and punditing that has taken place since that pretender moved into the White House had been put to good use getting him out of there early on we wouldn't be needing to complain about all the egregious things that he has done.

    The problem is that nobody with any authority to do anything about it has the guts to do it. Everybody, from the Supreme Court to the legislature, to the Justice Department, and all the way down to the local county sheriffs who all have the authority to challenge the pretender, are afraid to be the ones to make the first move.

    The only hope I see on the horizon is that a landslide victory for the Republicans might encourage and enbolden someone to get the ball rolling.

    Personally, I don't see anybody like that in sight right now. And that's why I believe things will be pretty much the same after Nov. 2.

    Sure, Republicans will have more power to swat at the flies, and maybe hinder Obama's agenda somewhat. But, the issue is not what Obama does. The issue is who Obama is, or who he is not. And one thing he definitely is not is Constitutionally eligible to reside in the White House.

    Take care of that problem and everything else will fall into line.


  8. Save the Canning JarsNovember 1, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    I have never understood why John McCain (born in the Panama Canal area while dad serving our country) had to show countless personal documents to prove he was constitutionally eligible to serve, yet Obama did not. Obama's grandma gave a sworn testimony to the Anabaptist ministers that she was present at his birth in Kenya. Would your grandma swear you were born in a country different from the truth? World Net Daily has done an excellent job posting the facts that the mainstream media will not touch. I paid the $20 and bought the DVD from them called A Question of Eligibility.
    So shocking, my family could not speak afterward. My mom did say she thought she was going to throw up. Thanks for your brave post Dave!

  9. Great comments and concerns everybody. This is only step one but you cannot overstate how important step one is. Once this statement is made we will pick them off one at a time as needed.It doesn't matter Repub or Dem you will suffer it you will not represent your people who brought you to the dance.

  10. Great posts from a bunch of right-thinking folks.

    And give it up for Dave, who just emptied a clip in the ten spot. Translation: a bulls-eye, with every shot.

    It's unthinkable that the usurper in chief ever made it to the nomination, much less the office. It's our age's version of the Big Lie.

    I've followed this story via WND and other sources, and prayed a lot about it, asking God to guide and protect us through this darkness. Most of our country has yet to awaken to the true depths of the constitutional crisis this is, with the possible and much hoped-for exception of some of our military.

    My own thoughts as to why nothing's been done about it is the danger of having Pelosi in the Speaker's seat. That's just too dang close to the presidency for our nation's (or the world's)safety. It would be an ugly enough battle to remove him...remember the Rodney King riots?

    All of us who've gritted our teeth and done our homework on this ugly issue know there are a number of people, starting with Pelosi and Biden, who by rights should be arrested and prosecuted for treason right along with the usurper. Will that day ever come? I think it's unlikely, but I continue to pray for it, if it be God's Will.

    If we succeed in cleaning house in tomorrow's election, it will only be the first step of a long and perhaps grueling journey back to the America we know we must honor, restore and protect. We must commit ourselves to vigilance and demand that our elected public servants straighten up and fly right. (No pun intended, but it did kinda fit, huh?)

    God bless America....and forgive me for double posting on this thread. lol

    I'm going to vote now.