Saturday, August 15, 2009

We found a puppy!

After an exhaustive search, we've found a Great Pyrenees puppy through the unbelievable kindness of some people whose names I'll mention after I get their permission.

Is this too incredibly cute or WHAT?

Unless my kids or husband can come up with something better, her name will be Lydia. We pick her up on Sunday 8/16.


  1. She's beautiful! But she looks like she's full f mischief too. Ought to bring you lots to blog about.

  2. Such an adorable dog. I love its cute little face and the look in its eyes.

  3. I love Great Pyrenees. they are lovely dogs.My best friend has one.

  4. Hi Patrice,
    We are the KindredPyrz people, Bruce & Marianne, who "passed the baton" onto Jim & Carol. Carol told us how you guys connected. Our God is an awesome God and he brings His People together in Divine Appointments thru his beautiful little creatures as in your Lydia. Follow every loving instruction for you purebred Pyr from Jim and Carol. NEVER listen to any moron who crossbreeds a Pyr with any other dog, coyote, wolf etc.. they are only true idiots! Here's how to RUIN your puppy....
    remove the dewclaws...some idiot vets will advise you to do it. NEVER! they have been there for 2,500 years. use a bark collar...NEVER
    Use "underground fencing"...Never! I know Carol told you about the unique anesthesia requirements. Also the dog food...NO corn Always meat based protein and RAW chicken backs or wings. We just recovered an Elijah/Ruthie daughter who is a full sister to your puppie. "Gretchen" is now in with her Auntie and Uncle who are litter mates to Ruthie. Keep close to Jim and Carol but if you ever need any in depth, info re Great Pyrenees and history of your blood line call us at 509 846 5026 or 3106
    God Bless
    Bruce Zelinski
    (been in the breed since 1974)

  5. Bruce, can you email me privately at so I have your email address? I'm anxious to trade stories with you! I'm curious why you had to recover Lydia's full-blood sister, for example.

    ...For now, suffice it to say we simply cannot get over our joy in getting this dog. My husband has been reading up on the breed now that we have a purebred, and he gets more and more impressed the more he reads. Lydia is terrific! She's fairly mellow (for a puppy) but full of fun and mischief and obviously *extremely* intelligent. We love her to pieces.

    I'll be posting more pictures but I don't want to turn this into a "puppy blog" too much, LOL.

    - Patrice