Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book bomb

(See "update" at bottom)

I got a wonderful review for The Simplicity Primer from the folks over at SurvivalBlog, and they have also been nice enough to ask their own readership to participate in an interesting marketing idea on my behalf: a Book Bomb.

At first it sounded ominous – my book, bombing? – but apparently the idea goes something like this: Everybody buys the book on the same day. This ratchets the Amazon (and other) ratings up really high. Consequently this makes it more likely that anyone searching for the "tags" attached to my book on Amazon (such as homeschooling, country living, simple living, etc.) will see my book higher up on the list of possible purchase choices.

So I figure, why not? Therefore I'm asking those of you who are considering buying my book (but haven't as of yet) to hold off until the actual June 7th release date. (For those who have already pre-ordered: A huge and hearty thank you!)

And since I'm asking favors, I suppose I might as well go all out and ask those of you with blogs to do me the additional favor of mentioning my Book Bomb date on your blog. I'm kind of embarrassed to ask all of this from everyone, but I guess I have to do everything I can to make The Simplicity Primer a success. WorldNetDaily has taken a risk investing in me, so I want to make this worth their while.

Besides, my husband may never have another chance to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming (cough) a "kept" man.

UPDATE: Thank you to those who have already posted a link on their blogs. By all means let me know when you've linked (and send me the URL) so I can put up a post listing the links -- in other words, cross-linking. I'm always in favor of generating cross-traffic between blogs!


  1. And congrats to Notutopia for winning the SurvivalBlog 3rd place award!!

  2. Sounds like a great idea and you shouldn't be embarassed to ask for support. As they say, "its all about networking." Not sure who "they" are but it doesn't hurt to explore all avenues. I have already preordered but I am sure you will be successful dropping your bomb.

  3. Done and done! Here's the link to my blog and I am also posting on Facebook! http://droptheshoe.blogspot.com/2011/06/book-bomb-on-amazon.html

  4. I already pre-ordered (long ago!) but I'll put up a post on our little blog. :)

  5. LOL about the kept husband!!! I have put your book in my cart so many times but they wanted to hold the other things I wanted til June. So I guess is worked out. I will put it on my calendar to order it on the 7th.
    BTW, thanks for all the info you gave me on milk cows. Since I emailed you I have bought 2 Jerseys in milk and their 2 heifer calves. Tangible investments to say the least. I love them and am grateful for you sharing your knowledge and experiences. It made getting a cow and milking seem doable to someone who never grew up with farm animals.
    Jani Jeane

  6. Oooh, congrats on the Jerseys, Jani Jeane!

    And thank you Lamb and all others who have already linked the book. I'm adding an update to this post, so please read!

    - Patrice

  7. Oh, here's the link: http://saintaugustineclassicalacademy.blogspot.com/2011/06/simplicity-primer-book-bomb.html

  8. YAAAAYYY!!!!

    I can post again!!!

    My comment screen disappeared a few days ago, so I've been in the read-and-smile-only mode. Looks like the browsers shook hands and got back to work. lol

    This is all so fine to behold, Don and Patrice. God prospers what he blesses, and well, 'nuff said there.

    I'll do the book bomb with y'all on the 7th.

    And as for your [ahem] kept man....

    Well y'all just keep on keepin' on there...steady as she goes and as you were! lol


  9. I know where you live!! Oh, not the precise road, but somewhere close to where I spent several happy years in Fernwood, Idaho. You are probably a bit farther north. At 70, I still try to life self sufficiently, even in southern Idaho as a semi-retired gal. Survivalblog brings me to your site occasionally, but I need to follow more closely. Keep it up, and best wishes!!!

  10. Done.

    I thought it was a nice review.


  11. Patrice,
    It is a pleasure to add your Book bomb to my little blog at http://monsoonmatriarch.blogspot.com/

    Thank you for your wonderful website. I found it about a year ago and am a regular. We are so blessed with your frank reflection of our world today, your wisdom and especially the Thor and Lydia pics!

    I look forward to the BB on the 7th and reading your newest edition! I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised with the well-deserved results of that day.

  12. Patrice, I've added your book to my humble little blog, too. I know that you are going to be very pleased come Weds, and your husband's dream of being a kept man is coming that much closer!