Friday, May 27, 2011

Random pix

A flock of low-flying Canadian geese flew overhead and landed in our neighbor's pasture.

But a few moments later, they took off again. Why?

Because in a burst of high spirits, their horses chased them off.

Tea with a new friend.

Incoming squall.

A flock of pelicans overhead.

The river through the nearby town is still near flood stage. Here it overran the bank of a park.

Still, it's not as high as it was a couple years ago. You can see the high(er) water mark on the tree trunks.

Matilda grooms Polly, whose head is drooping with pleasure.

Walking Lydia on a windy day.

Nice views.

Saw this fellow checking his cell phone outside a grocery store and couldn't resist the urge to sneak a pic.


  1. There's pelicans in Idaho? I never knew cool!

    Awesome pictures, it looks so serene there......even the squall appears to be drifting.....

    Probably not the best place to have a park, since it's flooded more than once...what a mess!

  2. Smart horses. I wouldn't want goose poop in my pasture either. Yuk. Nasty geese.


  3. Stuck in CaliforniaMay 28, 2011 at 6:31 AM

    I so love seeing pics of the tea you and Enola Gay post. I was given my grandmother's tea cups and saucers years ago and have them packed away. I'm going to unpack them this weekend.My young daughter has taken an interest in tea recently so I introduced her to Earl Grey a few months ago. It is her favorite. She wants to have tea on rainy days (few here in So Cal)and special days.
    We recently attended a local ballet of "Alice in Wonderland" put on by a small local dance studio. Afterwards we went to the Mad Hatter tea party at a nearby cafe. When my daughter asked for Earl Grey instead of the watered down stuff they served the children the waitress was impressed. Darn those homeschooled children and their lack of social skills and culture (LOL).
    There wasn't a teapot with the cups and saucers so I just ordered one. I am expecting it in the mail today. I look forward to sharing her great-grandmother's tea cups and our new tea pot with my daughter. Thank you for sharing your special moments and helping me to develop new ones with my daughter. I hope that one day I'm able to find new friends to share these with also.

  4. LOL Stuck in CA....I love the hearty black teas, but the one major exception is Earl Gray. Can't stand it for some reason. I'm drinking my morning mug of Darjeeling as I write this, but you'll never find Earl Gray in my house.

    Glad your daughter is developing such excellent taste, however.

    BTW, Enola Gay gave me the teapot since I didn't have one of my own. I look for any excuse to use it!

    - Patrice

  5. I'm with you, Patrice, I don't care for Earl Grey either. It tastes like it was strained through saddle leather to me.

    English Breakfast tea from Twinings of London is my favorite hot tea. I prefer Constant Comment from Bigelow blended with black and green teas for iced tea.