Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The tanking dollar

This morning's headline on The Drudge Report:

Last year I read a book called The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide by Martin Weiss, founder of Weiss Research. Based on that book, I joined the email list for Weiss Research, an independent investment firm that recommends investments and doesn’t sugarcoat the economic climate. As a result, I often get emails to watch various videos on their website. I never do because I just don't have time to watch everything they send.

But yesterday I received an email to watch yet another recommended video called The American Apocalypse, and for some reason decided to watch this one.

Be aware, the video is largely an infomercial to join Weiss Research. But I believe their warnings about the economy are valid and worth listening to. The video frequently urges you to refer to their "free" copy of their publication “The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012.” Disregard the sometimes annoying repetition and just listen to the warnings. You can skip the last ten minutes or so since it’s nothing but reasons why you should join Weiss Research.  Don't bother with that part.

The reason I think this infomercial is worth listening to is because it outlines the causes of our current economic crisis.

In other words, it’s very educational. Here are some of the highlights.

Understand the purpose of Weiss Research is to help investors. They talk a lot about your “investment portfolio.” They’re used to dealing with clients who have lots and lots of money. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume this description doesn’t fit the majority of my readers. (Meaning, very few of us are rich.) In our household, we don’t ‘invest” because we don’t have the money to invest. (We prefer to “invest” in our farm.)

The reason I suggest you watch the video is not to join Weiss Research but to listen to the cogent economic warnings they give. They have their ear to the ground far more than I do.

Tangible investments? 'Nuff said.


  1. I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!

  2. My wife and I watched the video - or one similar - about a month ago. Although we have been looking for a place out of the city, we have not yet found one. Having been unemployed for 4 1/2 years now, we eventually burned through our savings and heve been dipping into my retirement - my 401(k) rolled over into an IRA - for about a year now. I have watched its value, due to the economy downturn and our taking some out - shrink to less than 1/3 what it was. My initial goal was to cash it in and pay cash for whatever we found, so we wouldn't have this huge mortgage hanging over our heads, but its value has shrunk below what most of the places cost.

    Not having a head for money, I am trying like crazy to learn what Weiss has to say. Their past track record is impressive enough, that I will probably take their advice in hopes of protecting what little was have left, then perhaps being able to afford something later on.

    Yes, I think Weiss does indeed cater to the investors with hundreds of thousands to play with, but in reading their reports, I think there is advice that even "average" people can benefit from. They do have a free newsletter, and I would advise your readers to subscribe to it, even if it's only to see where the winds are blowing.

  3. I tell you, most days I feel like a ping pong ball being slammed back and forth. Between the lies and distortions coming from the WH, the terrorists, the tsunamis and hurricanes and the economic disaster looming I want to crawl under the bed and never come back out! I think I am approaching bad news burnout...

  4. I read this book earlier this year and it is all about the what happens when the government prints money with abandon like the Obama Regime is doing. It is very interesting, look for it at your library. 'When money dies : the nightmare of deficit spending, devaluation, and hyperinflation in Weimar Germany' - Fergusson, Adam

    Remember - Obama, his puppet master Soros, and the DemoRats want to destroy this country, destroying the economy is just another tool they are using.

    Call and write your Congressmen and tell them not to raise the debt limit and lower spending immediately. Get involved in supporting candidates that are fiscal conservatives.

    Work on increasing your stockpile. I do not support Weiss Research though... I don't make investment decisions based on or seeped in fear based tactics.

    - Fearless

  5. @Fearless: I do not find Weiss' writings scare-mongering at all. He and his organization have had an excellent track record for forcasting trends for the last couple of decades. My wife had read a couple of Weiss' earlier books, which predicted several ups and downs of the economy - usually contrary to what most others were saying. My wife is very, VERY careful about money, and it was on what she already knew about Weiss' track record that she recommend that we watch the video.

    IMO, Weiss doesn't engage in fear tactics, just calls 'em as he sees 'em.

    Even someone as clueless as I am can see where the economy is headed. For me, Weiss was able to put numbers to whar I already knew was happening.

  6. Keep a Global perspective, if you can. I must point out that the Fed is NOT the only
    financial entity that is playing QE bonanza, or who will be forced eventually to raise interest rates, (like Britain), and all the while still desperately trying to downplay and cover-up the losses from the major gamble they have taken by printing money that has no backing by solid collateral.

    This is a GLOBAL fiasco and the chains of the power players in investment firms and the banks, are those that allowed this corruption to snowball into disaster. They have already made their billions off the ponzi schemes, and now they are going to squeeze the life out of any available funds we have; our retirement funds, social security funds, and lastly, will attempt liquidation of public social funds, to try to balance out the QE nightmare, that just cannot work. You cannot keep printing paper money that has no value!

    Look for steadily increasing inflation of prices,(it's occurring already),devaluation of the dollar, with a possible steady collapse.

    The problem here, is that the Global financial hierarchy will continue to lie to us...propaganda released frequently that everything is under control.

    It's NOT. Plan for more media diversions, in attempts to try to get the masses to focus on ANYTHING else, other than the reality of our bankrupt financial system. They are desperately trying to hold off a panic.

    Consumer confidence is not improving, no matter how many press conferences Bernanke holds. People do not HAVE any money to spend to be able to improve the economy. The job market is flat, and worsening, because the next phase will be additional layoffs due to the small businesses who cannot afford to keep employees when their profits are static.

    Weiss is running an investment business for Hefty
    International Investors. A basketful of different currencies are in the mix.

    I ask you this simple question.

    How do they intend to make a profit? Could it be
    by the risk of your monetary input? Be cautious of making ANY stock investments at this point of volatility, given the Global manipulations of the basketful of international currency values.

    Now,is also not the time to be buying real estate for investments. The real estate market still has a long way to go before it hits it's low bottom. Buy LOW, Sell HIGH. that's how profits are made. Be patient. It will be coming to a lower value soon.

    Tangibles is the only investment hedge that will keep your US dollar value intact, even when the dollar continues to de-value. So don't procrastinate one more day! You're losing your dollar value purchase power, while you're waiting to see WHAT?
    How low will it go?
    Procure what you need NOW.

    Devaluation will get worse. It has no other way to go, without real collateral to back it's value (worth).
    No jobs, No spending. No lending. No building.
    No economic improvement...only a steady downhill slide of it's index value, and simultaneous hyperinflation, until the END.


  7. these days it is easy to get that "bad news burnout" that anon. above is talking about. when i feel like i have had an overdose of it, i turn off the tv and radio for a day or two and put my mind to learning a new survival skill. this week i am learning to make my own soap the old fashioned way too. and every now and then i take a walk around my patch of heaven and breathe in deeply.

  8. You may not want to post this comment...

    Weiss Research is not considered a reputable organization. I do hope they are not a sponsor of yours. Seriously you should be very careful about 'endorsing' money managers and investment schemes.

    Please take a look at this link and

    Google them and ignore the content they have created in an attempt to look legit (the articles and other content) as this is a common method to disguise or deflect you from finding harmful but truthful content.

    I would not invest with them and would encourage others not to as well.

  9. I assure you they are NOT a sponsor and I have no interest in endorsing them (and have removed language that suggested that since it wasn't my intent). I am merely suggesting that their warnings about the economy are valid.

    - Patrice

  10. This is the first comment I’ve made here. I am a big fan of your blog...but I have to tell you, I get depressed sometimes when I read it :) My husband made me stop reading the Survival Blog because I had a tendency to get “we’re all gonna die!” on him after each post. We live in Utah County, have two little kids, 3 and 1, and I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to convince my husband to buy 14 acres in Idaho from his aunt and uncle but it’s a no go. He would have to find some job to work from home and has looked to pacify me but there is nothing. I grew up in a frugal family where food storage was always a priority. At age 24 and 27 we are *this* close to having a year supply. We can, garden, plant fruit trees, berries, make our own soaps, breads, have water storage, cloth diaper, use a cloths line, and are about as frugal as you can be. We are trying to get emergency stuff put away. I convinced my husband to get chickens and to homeschool our kids. I’m working on guns, which is slow because he is anti-guns in the house. I’m worried about what happens when our house gets over run when something happens. I was in Louisiana during Katrina and I know how people get. My husband refuses to think that could happen, he always thinks people are much better than they are :) What can I do? Bury food in the back yard somehow? He is so good to let me do all this but I just don’t think it will be enough. We are still putting money in savings and retirement because there is NO way he would forgo that. Maybe I’m just a natural doom and gloomer and he is an optimist. Anyway, I don’t really know what the point of this comment is, I just wanted to let you know that I get a lot from your posts. I’m trying hard, I just dont think I can do enough to keep our family safe if something really does happen.

  11. When talking about the topic of inflation remember that one very important aspect that very few people mention is the velocity of the M2 money supply. In general, when the Federal Reserve "prints money"(which in reality it not really doing) and during this time the velocity of money is slowing the chances of inflation are very low. The current velocity of money chart can be found here:

  12. My eldest brother just bought a property in the sticks of MO. He has been far more successful than I so it was easily done. I have not heard anything from him since he stopped by our work place to give us the news of his immanent departure. I wish him well this is a drastic change for him.

  13. Put on the shield of faith Megan. There is nothing you can do that will give you more peace more quickly. You are stuck in a bad spot so what harm is there in some prayer. Lay your problems at the feet of the good shepard. He already knows your situation.

  14. amen anonymous God Bless by Jesus Christ the true and LIVING GOD. Call upon me he said so he wants us to CALL with the heart in faith. GOD BLESS. Nothing wavering (hope in God alone)