Saturday, May 14, 2011


I confess, I'm a hopeless and inveterate numbers watcher when it come to this blog's statistics. For a couple months now, I've watched my RSS feed numbers tease and flirt with 1000, but never break through. RSS feed numbers vary from day to day, so one day I might be 945 while another day might be 968 or something.

On Thursday, the number was tantalizingly close...

...and then yesterday it backed down to the mid-900's.

But I logged off my computer for awhile today, and when I logged back on, lookie!!

And my Google followers are higher than ever!

Folks, you have no idea how thrilled I am to have you along for the ride! Thank you!!


  1. Glad to be along for "the ride" as well. I always look forward to seeing your blog in my Google Reader.

  2. Ok Patrice, without sounding too ignorant, what are the RSS feed numbers and what do they mean. I get the Google followers, because I have been one of those since you started your blog, in fact I was the first one to sign up and follow your blog, (I am proud to say), and even though I don't comment much I check it pretty much daily. But I dont get the RSS feed. Is that the number of people that have logged on to look at your blog in a certain day?
    Thank you

  3. That's because it's a good read, sister!!!

  4. I'm one of the 432 and glad to be so!

  5. Congratulations !!!!! And it will only continue to grow, too.....

  6. Is it all the home schoolers rallying to the cause, or the public school folks scoping out the enemy! LOL