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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up and down

Gas prices two weeks ago. This price had been stable for a couple of weeks:

Then last week the price suddenly jumped. No surprise there.

What was surprising is the the price this week -- it came down!


  1. Want to know a sad thing? When I saw your prices I was jealous! Our high (so far) was $4.19 and it has now dropped ALL the way down to $3.99. But with Memorial Day coming our prices will jump up again. They always do as we have to switch to a different mix for the summer here in SE Wisconsin. It is estimated that we'll be paying over $5 during summer months, which is my husband's busy season. He'll put about 10,000 miles on in roughly 2 1/2 months. The profit we are expecting is going to be much, much smaller than we'd planned on!

    Hope it keeps coming down for all of us. This is crazy.


  2. Your price jump makes me chuckle. On a main street by our house, we have 6 gas stations. At one or two, the price went from $3.69 to $3.79 over the course of one day. The next day they were at $3.89. Then the next day, they went back down to $3.79. Then the rest went up to $3.73. So the one or two went down to $3.73. Then they went back up to $3.79 and the rest went up over the next few days. It's been holding steady at $3.79 for a while now, while around town, there are a few at $3.67 to $3.69. It's funny to watch the prices be one thing in the morning on my way out, and be 10 cents more on the way home, only to be back down the next afternoon.

  3. Unfortunately I'd be happy with that. Gas here is $4.05-4.16/gal. and when it jumps it's usually 10-20 cents at a time. Faster up, than down.
    It's sad because the U.S. has oil, but I guess we're saving it for when the rest of the world runs out.


  4. And I'd like ANY of those prices!!! lol On base, we're only offered super ($4.29 today), super ethanol 10, and super plus. I dearly miss the regular grade of gasoline :(

  5. Well I guess I can't complain much here. My diesel gas is 3.39, and staying there. But I will tell you all, I am moving my child (next year) to a closer school (3.4 miles away from me) instead of the 11 miles I was driving one way ( 350.00 a month just to take her to school). I would so home-school her next year but she is in a class that is 1/2 english and 1/2 spanish and I am not a spanish speaker. I also have cut back on driving unless I absolutely have to! I SURE HOPE THINGS GET BETTER, I wouldn't mind so much if I was teaching but since I am not working it is difficult!

  6. We are currently at $3.99 per gal. I don't expect that to last long. Summer prices, government mulling over new taxes, and the market fighting other government manipulations, it's bound to all go wonky sooner rather than later.

  7. Sigh... All the stations here seem stuck at $3.999 because no one wants to be the first to break the $4 mark.

    Becky (not the troll)

  8. WOW! I was right! That didn't last long at all. I just got back from an errand and saw that our local station is back up to $4.19 for regular.
    Excuse me while I go kick myself for not topping off my half tank while it was a bargain.

  9. It's $4.28 for regular and $4.23 for diesel here. That's weird - I don't ever remember diesel being less than regular.

    Xa Lynn

  10. Four dollar gas here in the heartland last time out. Did anyone notice the curious moves in futures? I would suggest that this is phase two in the save Obama struggle. Don't worry, he will use every drop of jet fuel(plus massive other expenses) to make sure he can finish us off in 4 MORE YEARS!

  11. Reelection around the corner!!!!

  12. Why are gas prices behaving this way? Ed Wallace, an automotive journalist in Dallas Fort Worth, has written articles for Bloomberg Newsweek to explain why. I recommend the article.
    I listen to Ed every Saturday 8am-1pm for current insights into world events that affect us.

  13. Paid $3.47 this morning. Most I've ever paid for gas in Tucson. (Full disclosure: that's with a 15 cent customer discount.)