Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy as a beaver

Oh my goodness I've had a busy day.

It started with an hour long conversation with a Public Relations specialist in Tennessee who was hired by WorldNetDaily to help promote my book (as well as a few others). She's a sharp, energetic, go-gettum woman and I look forward to working with her.

Next we had our bull butchered. More on that later.

Next we had to dash to town so the kids could do their volunteer work at the animal shelter. While they did that, I wrote up the talk I'm giving tomorrow in Coeur d'Alene, where I'm conducting a four-hour workshop on a variety of writing issues.

Next we attended our homeschooling group. I excused myself and spent much of the time being unsociable while I finished writing my talk.

Home, then out the door to do a workout at our local health club.

Home, then muck out the barn and do the evening chores.

Dinner, household tasks, finish up the talk, print out all my handouts, pull together all my display items, etc.

I'll be up at 5 am tomorrow finishing up the workshop material and hauling the kids out of bed at the ungodly hour of 6:30 so we can be in Coeur d'Alene by 8 am (where they'll be staying with their grandparents while I'm at the workshop).

Pant pant wheeze gasp. That's why I've been so silent all day. That's why I haven't had a chance to post all the wonderful links folks have been sending.

Please be patient, I'll be human again tomorrow evening!

Meanwhile, here's a couple of news articles I found interesting.

One is how Australian women in urban areas are having trouble finding eligible men, so tours are being set up for urban women to meet rural men. "A dating agency has started sending busloads of single women out to country towns, where the ratio of men to women is far more favourable. The weekend tours, named Thank Goodness He's A Country Boy, involve eight hours of intensive speed dating at a country pub, where lonely farmers are introduced to single city girls."

The second article which caught my eye was how summer camps are now being set up on farms so urban kids can get a taste of farm life. The article is by Time Magazine and is condescendingly titled, "Farm Camp: Would You Pay $460 to Shovel Crap?" (Which pretty much sums up what Time Magazine thinks of farmers, I'd say.)


  1. Ahhhhh. The genteel pace of a quiet life in the country.

    Girl, you're too funny.

    And this post confirms what I've said all along:
    you're only in it for the glamor! LOL

    Hope to see some workshop pix. Have a good one!


  2. I honestly have no idea why I subscribed to this blog. I'm guessing there was one interesting post, I guess that was a fluke.

  3. Anonymous @ 2:25 must work for Time mag.

    Have a wonderful presentation experience today
    Patrice! You have earned this recognition!


  4. "Time Magazine: Would you pay any amount of money to read this crap?"

    I know, cheap shot, but I'm always amused that some people treat Time as something worthwhile.

  5. You are to funny! Workout at local health club then home to muck out the barn. Umm... Mucking out the barn IS working out at the local health club. That's how to rock it old school.
    Jessica in WA