Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh dear. Now I'm holding back the progression of mankind.

My oh my. I just received an interesting snark.

It seems someone read one of my WND columns from two years ago entitled What Is a Socialist? (I'll pause while you go read it.) Then he sent the following:

You're excerpt on socialism that I've posted below [this included most of the body of the column] is disgusting. Way to bend every little fact you can find to your bias. All you're doing is holding back the progression of mankind.

Wow. Little ol' me, single-handedly holding back the progression of mankind! Imagine that. Can someone please explain to me HOW, precisely, I'm achieving that end?

As with most snarks, the critic is long on name-calling and short on actual data to back up his claims that I'm bending every little fact I can find to suit my bias. Doubtless this reader is totally, completely, and utterly free from any progressive bias, no?

In fact, I think this reader is a genius. In a few short lines, he managed to illustrate to an exceptional degree the very points I raised in my column. That takes sheer brilliance.


  1. Whoa girl! You're POWERFUL!!!

    I'd been wondering what that odd sound was...must be the sound of you single-handedly dragging mankind backward.

    I'm amazed how you can do that while simultaneously finding and bending all those facts! You magnificently malevolent maven of multitasking, you.

    A. McSp.

  2. He lost me at "You're..."

    I don't suffer idiots very well. It's a character flaw.


    Jeff - Tucson

  3. ODE to the all powerful Patrice--- i read and reread the mentioned article 3 times and i see no where in it even a slight way to hold back mankind, because if it was there im sure it would have already been used against us to control the masses- it is people like you that help keep the lambs from the slaughter.... you keep hitting those nerves- you know its working because they are biteing back.... I wish we could have tea... KEEP IT COMEING...... Glo

  4. It is all apart of our plan to take over the world, one idiot at a time.

    Good job Patrice. I always love it when someone tries to prove their point only to become a example of what was discussed to begin with.

    Keep up the good work. Maybe you will actually get through to someone.

    Ouida Gabriel

  5. I went to WND and read the column you wrote on What is a Socialist? As always, you are right on and have expressed the issue extremely well.

    The problem with Socialists is that, regardless of another's viewpoint, they deem themselves superior and ALWAYS right. They have no objectivity within their bias, nor do they tolerate dissenting opinions.

    I hardly believe that Socialism/Marxism/Communism, can ever be considered 'progression.' In reality, such oppressive, tyrannical governments are regressive. They deny people freedom under the diguise of protection, while the reality is that those in charge desire power and control over others. Any person who believes in a tyrannical, oppressive government is also an advocate of slavery.

    Anyone who does not believe in our Constitution, as it is written, in the freedom that we have experienced in the earlier years of this nation, and of free enterprise is certainly FREE to leave and find another country where they fit in better. If you don't like a free America that abides by our current Constitution then leave - don't try to change our nation. That includes EVERYONE from the top down.

  6. Drag away. The countries that go to socialism soon are "flushed" away. Its been proven time and time again but most aren't paying attention.

  7. I started chuckling before I even finished reading the title to this piece. It's amazing how people will make wild claims about how dangerous conservatives are...Especially you! Beware the Simplicity Primer and rural farm life! ;) I appreciate your sense of humor Patrice, and how you can take these people in stride.

  8. Wow, you caught a troll! How does it feel, being such a powerful person? I honestly don't know how you have the time to do all that you do and still drag mankind backward. You are truly a Super-Woman!

  9. Oh are holding back progression? If socialism is where we are headed as a country, please keep holding it back then! That commentor is ignorant if he believes that we are headed towards progression. But that is what Hitler told the German people when he rose to power. If the commentor needs another example, he needs to read about Lenin's rise to power and Stalin in the USSR. They all began by wooing the people and telling them it was going to be okay because the government was going to take care of them. Then they took over businesses, industries, and people's lives. They had no rights and were forced into the service of the government.

    I will get off my soapbox now, but you are dead on the money. Thanks!

  10. as with most things 'progressive' the vocabulary is misleading

    progressivism is NOT moving forward, rather it moves us BACK to feudalism only with different labels

    so congratulations Patrice, I pray you do end this form of 'progress'


  11. I've been reading your blog for a while and your WND columns are wonderful - I must say I'm impressed too. You wear way too many hats: wife, mom, teacher, farmer, author,etc. and now this! You're my hero :-)

  12. I don't know how you deal with it, Patrice. I couldn't handle people being that mean to me. You are a tough lady.

  13. Wow! Think about all the power that you have. Next thing you know they will accuse you of holding back time (sarcasm alert).

  14. If socialism is so progressive and great why are the countries with the highest socialist policies/governments broke?

  15. socialism is a disease that seems to be virulent at this time..thank goodness there are those of us who have been innoculated/vaccinated against it. my sister in law and i had a wild conversation about socialism and in the end, she (with a masters degree in american history and economics) admitted to being a sociaist. what is scarey is being able to pick the socialists out of a crowd.

  16. I'm confused...if you are so powerful that you are holding back the progression of mankind, but you are only somewhere between 10 and 100, then why hasn't man progressed any since Adam and Eve up until you? Same ol' sins, same ol' arrogance, same ol' stupidity, same ol' Godlessness. I'm thinking that in order for you to hold back the progression of man, it would mean that man has the ability to progress. Haven't seen it yet!!!

  17. Most people, irrespective if they are conservative, liberal, or whatever ideology they believe in, believe that they are right. If only, the thinking goes, everyone saw it like me (or my group) then we could finally solve these problems. It's that people don't see the truth (specifically, from the perspective of the individual making the statement) that we have these problems.

    Socialists believe that their system is right, and all other systems are wrong.

    Republicans (capitalized only because it starts a sentence) believe their system is right.

    Anytime someone challenges those beliefs, the usual response is knee jerk hostility.

    You're not holding up the progress of mankind - the response you received is simply a kneejerk reaction to your challenge of their governmental and economic philosophy. Tis to be expected.

    However, I must say that the liberals / socialists (I hate to use that word because it's to broad of a category to be of much use, plus it's been misused and redefined in the last decade or so) generally don't see the consequences of their actions. I have found that generally liberals / socialists haven't thought the problem all the way through to its logical conclusion.

    So, for them, the idea of government using force, or being racist, or promoting ignorance is patently absurd because they don't believe in those things right now. However, what they have failed to consider (generally) is that to keep a socialist system in place and functioning, the list you wrote would have to happen, or the system would fail.