Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Attitude adjustment

I had a busy week last week. I had a column due. I had a bunch of blog posts backed up. I had 4000 book plates I had to finish signing. I was working on another book proposal. In short, I was feeling overwhelmed at all the writing-related projects I had to do.

But then I suddenly stopped and realized something astounding. I was living my dream!

I mean this quite seriously. Friends who have known me for a long time (and as my husband can attest!) know I've spent literally decades being a frustrated wanna-be writer. A writer writes. It doesn't matter whether her stuff gets published or not, she writes. She can't stop. It's like a fire burning within and can't be quenched until pen meets paper (or fingers hit keyboard). But to go year after year after year getting nothing but rejection letters can be discouraging.

And believe me, I've got stacks of rejection letters that could literally wallpaper our bathroom. (Hmmm. Make note, new decorating concept.)

I've tried my hand at any number of different genres over the years, and socio-political commentary is the last thing that would have crossed my mind. Certainly I'd never written it before and I sorta just segued into it with WorldNetDaily. Why WND decided to take a chance on an unknown housewife from somewhere deep in the boondocks, I'll never know... but I'm grateful beyond words. I have no doubt in my mind it was a God-thing -- literally an opportunity that was heaven-sent -- and I've tried to remember that even when things get overwhelming.

And of course, a writer isn't much good without readers. That gratitude extends to ALL of you reading this. Even snarks are (mostly) welcome because, after all, it means someone is reading what I wrote.

Sometimes, especially when we're busy or stressed, it's easy to forget our many blessings. We take profoundly important things for granted -- our faith, the love for our spouse, our health, our income, our homes... the list is endless. Once in awhile it's a good thing to stop and count our blessings.

So at that overwhelming moment last week, I paused and thanked the good Lord above for granting me one of my deepest and most fervent wishes: to be a writer.


  1. Ha Ha! "Decorating idea..."

    The blogs I save in my bookmarks make for a short list. Rural-Rev is near the top. I'm glad WND gave you a chance too, Patrice, or I'd be all the poorer for it.

    Congratulations for a dream come true. I'm confident with your work ethic it will continue to flourish.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  2. "A writer writes. It doesn't matter whether her stuff gets published or not, she writes. She can't stop. It's like a fire burning within and can't be quenched until pen meets paper (or fingers hit keyboard)."

    Amen to that. Once I get an idea, I can't let it go until I WRITE. I feel as if my head will explode unless I put something down.

    I don't write "just anything," but cannot hold back when something fires my passion, and I suppose that passion shows up in the prose. A friend who is now retired from handling the editorial page for the local paper, has had about 10,000 passionate letters inflicted upon him, and has gone on record as describing me as "an excellent writer." I couldn't ask for better praise.

    And, YOU, Sis, are an excellent writer in my arrogant opinion (I have no humble opinions.) And, I have to agree with the writer whose letter you posted a few days ago. I have yet to disagree with anything I have seen here or on WND.

    Keep writing.

  3. I think we always expect some monumental moment to happen to "announce" we have achieved our goals, when in reality it passes quietly and suddenly you notice it has happened already.....I also think we underestimate how much more work and responsibility we get along with "arriving," while dreaming our dream....not to mention that it's a goal that has been achieved and needs to be replaced with a new goal to aim for, now....But really, it wasn't so much a goal - as who you really are, and now the rest of the world knows it too.....

    You've been a writer ever since you decided to be one :)

  4. I don't always comment because unlike you I am not a writer and it always seems to come out backward from what I want. Just letting you know
    I check the blog daily..


  5. I might also add "snarks" add fuel to your fire. They get you fired up & give you ideas for new ways to present material in columns.

    I know some of your readers have taken issue with the "snarks", but I do believe it's important to see 'the otherside' because it can help us fine tune our communication when presenting our arguements. Most good leaders don't want to be surrounded by "Yes Men", and good writers like yourself, benefit from this aswell (even though we know you're always right :-) )
    Thanks & Congratulations on LIVING YOUR DREAM!!

  6. sounds like you have had an "epiphany" moment. congratulations on your success!

  7. My wife knows when the muse has taken over my brain. I'll miss a question and when she finally gets my attention the answer is almost always, "Sorry, I was formulating my letter to the editor." Or, "Sorry, there's a chapter in my head, I have to go let it out." She knows I'll be almost worthless until I do. And don't even get me started on trying to sleep when an idea is whirring around in there.

    I understand, I appreciate, and I envy you a great deal, but sympathy? Not so much.


    Jeff - Tucson

  8. Write on, Patrice.


  9. Funny, I only know you AS a writer. It is your writing that has spurred me to write (blog).

    ...and for that, I thank you.

  10. It's a Blessing like quickening. You wish for a child until the labor pains overtake you, and almost simultaneously, the gift then is fruition in your arms....all in a matter of minutes.

    Thank goodness, It's an amnesthic process. You'll do it over again, for that which you were called to do.

    You've arrived!


  11. Patrice,
    Your book arrived yesterday! This one is for ME-with one of your name plates with your very own signature:)I had ordered a few more thru Amazon for gifts-but I really wanted one direct from World Net. Never thought of myself as a "groupie":)
    Now, I can picture you sitting at your table signing the rest of those 4000(sheesh!) with cramped fingers as I sit flexing my pinkie finger for fun holding my cup of tea:) I'm kidding (well, maybe I'll do this just once)but in all seriousness, your book seems to be every bit worthy of your Mom's declaration! And for those who have not yet had the opportunity to purchase their copy-I have to tell them that this is not just 365 tiny little paragraph "tips for the day"; rather it is 365 very well thought out and presented mini-essays suggesting how to live life to the fullest by making choices on what to allow into our thinking in the first place. These suggestions if taken to heart, can help to reverse the overwhelming conditions many find themselves in- thus resulting in more peaceful,simpler, surroundings.
    I absolutely love what I've read so far and plan on keeping your book right next to my Bible and daily devotional book to help remind me to "keep it simple"!
    Mary (Ft Laud)

  12. Mary, I was so touched that I added your comment to my "Review" section on the Simplicity Primer site. Thank you!


    - Patrice