Friday, May 13, 2011

Starting seeds

Another lovely sunny day. We're slowly starting to skew in the direction of sun rather than rain. No argument from me!

It was so pretty out that when we concluded our homeschool studies, I told the girls to go outside and find a special spot to do their Bible reading. Younger Daughter chose a swing.

It's time to get seeds planted. Since the garden isn't ready AND I'm not about to get fooled into planting too early only to have the weather turn cold and nasty (like it did last year), the next best thing is to start the seeds in pots.

This year I'm limited in what I can plant since I'm only planting a small portion of the garden (that way we can spend the rest of the summer working on garden beds, etc). So we've decided to plant the following:

Watermelon (two types, red and yellow)

Not a huge garden, but it's something.

First step is to make potting soil. I mixed composted manure with dirt...

...and added a heaping helping of sand.

Then it's just a matter of filling pots and adding seeds. I worked in the shade because it was too warm in the sun. Nice change!

As I worked, the cows finished their morning ambulations...

...and parked themselves in the shade as well, to chew their cud.

I got a few of the seeds planted and in the greenhouse.

Meanwhile the girls decided to make a tent out of old sheets down in the pasture, just for kicks.

Altogether it was a quiet and peaceful and warm interlude.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me. We're gardening this weekend, too. We put our goats' manure in our soil. Doesn't even have to mellow. I smiled at your girls' tent. Our kids sometimes make a tent right up against the garden's chain link fence. They sit in the alfalfa that grows on the outside the garden. It's a shady picnic in almost the only green carpet in the otherwise acre of sand. Oh, and bon appetit!

  2. I'm glad to see we're on the same planting schedule! This year is my first attempt at a garden, and although you said your garden is small, mine is even smaller. Your garden looks huge compared to mine. :) lol Hopefully I'm on the right track and maybe I'll get to enjoy some of the vegetables of my labor soon. :)

  3. We had to go to Salt Lake City on Friday, and bought two HUGE tomato plants. I know that is cheating but tomatoes just don't do well here. I have been saving all of our plastic milk jugs (we don't have a cow yet)for the last six months or so and cutting the bottom 1/3 off and saving them. When I plant this week or so, I will put the milk jug on top of the plant and see if it works like a green house. I will try taking them off during the day and putting them back on at night if it supposed to be below 40 degrees, not taking any chances.

  4. what a beautiful way to raise children. I love to see them studying the Bible!