Monday, May 23, 2011

Random pix

Some early morning fog.

Arrow-leaf balsam root in bloom. These are big showy flowers that pop up all over the place this time of year.

The river in a nearby town is near flood level from a combination of heavy rain and melting snow pack in the mountains.

Compare this to the same dock I snapped last fall. The entire dock is underwater in the photo above -- only the tall poles are visible.

Beaver damage by the river's edge. These are BIG trees too, about two feet across. Methinks the beaver bit off more than he can chew in this case. Unfortunately he's killed a number of trees along this stretch of bank.

Our county hospital is undergoing an expansion and has a huge construction zone that has blocked off one street, including one of the entrances to the post office.

Last week when I went into the post office, I confess I stood absorbed for a couple of minutes and just watched the heavy equipment at work. When I came back out of the post office, I noted with amusement that some thoughtful soul had provided a convenient chair for those wanting to just sit and watch the construction.

More seeds in pots in the greenhouse.

I went to Spokane last Friday to do some (ug) clothes shopping. On the way I passed this idyllic scene.

The route takes me past a gorgeous vista of the Palouse.

I was shopping exclusively in thrift stores, of course. Here I saw some of the wackiest footwear imaginable. They looked positively tortuous, in fact. It always cracks me up to imagine wearing this kind of stuff around the farm.

Jet and her yearling steer calf Nebuchadnezzar share a salt block.


  1. Arrow-leaf balsam root....My sisters and I spent a summer in the early 70s digging up all of them on our 15 Idaho acres. Dad called them Stink Daisies. Alfalfa was better for the animals. They are pretty though. Jen

  2. Have you tried them? I noticed that Arrow Leaf Balsam Root is edible and medicinal, according to this website:

  3. The fog is beautiful.

    I saw a beaver in the wild for the first time last weekend, when we went canoeing on a local river. Cute little buggers!

    I spend a lot of time on road construction sites with my job. It really is kind of amazing to watch those machines work.

    I love those white shoes! I mean, I'd never wear anything like that, I'm too practical, and also not good at walking in heels...but still, they're cool.

    Thanks for sharing!