Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wow, that was quick!

We ordered some items from our newest advertiser, Emergency Essentials. It was here within mere days. Unbelievably quick!

Kudos to this company.


  1. I've used Emergency Essentials for years and like their products. And EE has some great deals - especially if you and friends get together to meet the minimum for "group special". If you meet that minimum, your ENTIRE ORDER is shipped free. Very nice!

    Be aware however that many of the items I've ordered were on back order for MONTHS before I finally received them. They are always good to send, but don't order something you need ASAP before first calling to see if it's in stock.

    I also have a bit of a issue with their boxes being SO prominently labeled. I don't know if my neighbors have noticed, but men unload boxes with "Emergency Essentials" stamped all over them.

    So much for doing things quietly...

    Just to make you aware.

  2. Patrice,
    I notice that my comment (I was first to comment on your EE posting) has been removed. Did I say something inappropriate?

  3. Not at all, Anon 8:13. Blogger (the engine that powers this blog) was having technical difficulties, and for almost 24 hours we couldn't access the blog or approve comments, and no one else could post comments. Several of my posts disappeared, including this one (until this afternoon). They (Blogger) say they are slowly restoring everything that went awry, but several comments and one post are still missing. Hope they finish up soon!

    - Patrice