Monday, May 30, 2011

Random pix

Remember when I reported that a regional grocery chain, Rosauers, was now carrying emergency food? Well, I was in Winco, another large store, and noticed it's now carrying the same line:

Then a couple days ago, I went to Walmart and saw the same thing. I'm so tickled to see this!

A shot of a robin on a fence post. Unfortunately it turned its head at the last second.

The livestock of three separate neighbors meet at the fences to say hello.

This is the last time Thor will lay down in the garlic boat. Don finished the garden fence (against cows, but not deer) today. Whoo-hoo! Now I can plant in safety.

Incoming thunderstorm. It wasn't terribly impressive...

...but for twenty minutes or so it poured.

A couple of swallows silhouetted on the garden fence.

Don built a light-weight PVC-and-chicken-wire fence for the garden, wide enough to drive the tractor through. In this case, the gate doesn't have to be sturdy; it just needs to serve as a deterrent.

Here the gate is up temporarily. The post on the left will be replaced with a railroad tie, and there will be a board and an additional bit of field fence stretched across the top to keep deer from jumping over.

Younger Daughter waits for stock tank to fill (it's one of her evening chores).


  1. In the past few weeks Augason Farms also has select items available on the Costco website for order - first time I've seen them there. They must have sold out quickly. I say that's some great marketing !

  2. Did you see this at the Winco on Sprague? If so, the kids and I may need to take a field trip there some time soon. :)

  3. Stuck in CaliforniaMay 31, 2011 at 5:51 AM

    Glad you have local markets carrying food storage items like this. We wish did out here, but of course out here there isn't a recession (COUGH!!). We live in the land of Obama/government will take care of us(GAG).
    Glad to see younger daughter developing responsibility by doing her chores. Our young daughter (7yr and autistic) has animal care chores everyday also. It is amazing the sense of pride at being a "big girl" it gives her.
    Have to tell you this one even if it is off subject. Husband starting reading your blog to see what had me so interested. He even posted a couple times (displaced Montanan). After he read the older blog on Don being the head and you the heart he commented, "you two (you and I)are from the same mold. I see why you like reading her blog." Out here I don't know anyone that thinks like we do, God, Country, Family. My Christian believes of being a Christian wife and mother are looked down upon. I take comfort from reading someone with the same belief system.
    Thank you

  4. LannaM -- yes, it's the Winco on Sprague. I also saw these items at the Rosauer's at Sprague and University. And the Walmart on Post Falls near Cabela's.

    - Patrice

  5. That Robin turned his head because he's in the Witness Protection Program, dontcha know.

    I wish our local Wal Mart would carry those items. We're in the country, but I guess we're too close to the Big City for them to think we'd be interested. :(

  6. Ooh, and I need to go to Cabela's sometime soon... Thank you for the info! :)

  7. I can't comment over at the official blog for your book - - - nice review by Avalanche Lily over at Survival Blog