Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seriously creepy

Preschoolers. They're outfitting preschoolers with tracking devices in Contra Costa County (CA).

This is seriously creepy.


  1. Our federal tax dollars at work.

    This is ideal for the NWOers.

    Get 'em while they're young and by the time they're in middle school they'll be totally receptive to microchip implants. Then when they've reached the age of majority they can also be implanted with tiny explosive devices that can be detonated in the event of violations of the law. Just think of the money that will save on law enforcement, legal process and incarceration.

    Oh yeah. It's a brave new world.

    A. McSp

  2. I know you might think I'm crazy, but I've actually thought of this recently. Because I'm paranoid someone is going to kidnap my kids and my thought is that if they are grabbed I'll be able to locate them quickly. Now I'm thinking of something that would be on their person and NOT embedded under their skin ... because we all know about the "mark of the beast." -Rev.13:16-17 For some reason they always want to put those chips on their heads or hands. Now I know there are a lot of flaws ... if it's in the clothes, shoes, hair-clip - they might be removed and we won't be able to find them anyway. I try to trust in God, but I tend to think about the worst case scenario and try to be prepared

    So, am I insane, paranoid (as my husband often says)?


  3. pretty soon they will just micro chip them and be done with it. Its for the kids safety after all. yea right. they are getting the parents used to the idea though. another incremental step taken and safely passed

  4. As stated many times already, but worth repeating - California (my beloved home)
    is full of Fruits and NUTS.

    The federal government paid for this outrageous scheme. What a surprise! (Typed with as much sarcasm as my fingers can imbue.)

    I guess the teachers, staff, and administration are too busy planning their next strike or tax initiative to actually spend any time watching the children. The more money and benefits they earn, the less they want to do. There are undoubtedly many caring and dedicated public school teachers - it's just that I haven't met any in about 40 years.

    If this seemingly ridiculous system is implemented in Richmond, it's almost understandable. When parents don't or won't take care of their children, the government sees an opportunity to step in and "raise" kids as it deems appropriate.

    What about the parents? What did they think about this? Did they rejoice in losing more of their parental responsibilities? Or did they speak out against it? How many awakened from their drug-induced stupors long enough to even care?

    When a society treats its children like so many registered cattle, how long can that society exist before it sinks into hell? Don't look now, but I think parts of California are already there.

    Please pray for these children.

    Anonymous Patriot

  5. .....and parents are allowing this?

  6. This is happening in California? Why am I not surprised? They claim it will "free up teachers and administrators." Free them up from doing what? Their jobs? I remember many years ago when our daughter would come home from junior high school (in CA) and race into the bathroom. She'd been holding it all day BECAUSE HER SCHOOL WAS KEEPING THE RESTROOMS LOCKED. Why were they doing this? Because the teachers and administrators "just didn't have the time to police them." We put an end to this ridiculous practice the very next day when we had a talk with the principal. We didn't ask, we TOLD him the restroom would be unlocked so our daughter could use it, OR THERE WOULD BE A LAWSUIT! If more parents got more involved, we wouldn't be seeing these absurd instances happening every day in our public schools!

  7. Why don't they chip the offenders as they are found out? Somewhere they could not dig it out. That seems to be a more practical way to go to me. If these insideous little monsters are going to be used then put them in the convicted guilty rather than the innocent. I should say that I don't like the idea for anyone.

  8. chipping preschoolers is creepy- but then i think 4 yr. old kindergarten is creepy too. my niece was called into the 4yrold kindergarten because her son was running and screaming/yelling at the teacherk...she (the niece) said he was just trying to get attention so when she got him home he had to spend the afternoon doing what he missed at school which was to print his name... she got a little miffed at me for asking the big "why" question...a whole generation has been lost i am afraid..they have no idea or thought in their heads these days.

  9. This is a fantastic program for parents who are overly paranoid or those who don't care enough about their children to teach them to not speak to strangers, even better for those who would rather track their kids than to talk with them and ask them what they are up to. Congratulations, the government can take care of your kids for you. (stated with much sarcasm)