Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dust to Dust

I have a new column up at entitled "Dust to Dust." That's one nice thing about this blog and these columns - whenever an issue crops up that makes me want to blow steam, these outlets let off a little pressure.



  1. Save the Canning JarsAugust 6, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    I had a friend tell me about this the other day...the regulating of dust. I heard it passed during the previous administration. I wondered under what circumstances would it be enforced?

    Then later that day I was driving on the interstate and dust was blowing across the road (not a traffic problem but it was visible dust) and it was caused by a farmer driving quickly, disking/working his field and it was then that I had that ah-ha moment. The gov. will probably say no farming with motorized farm equipment because it will produce dust. Farmers will be enslaved with going back to mules to work the fields. This is about control and power. The one who controls the food controls the people.

  2. Cross posted:

    How about we all collect some dust, put it in ziplock bags so it won't leak, and mail it to Congress and the EPA. This is by no means meant to be an act of vandalism, or T*****ism. It is an act of obedience. If dust is bad, it must be collected, and sent to those who clearly know better than we do what to do with it. Maybe they can pound it down that rat hole where they pour our money.

    Bill Smith

  3. sorry but a team of mules can reallly kick up some dust, believe me...and yeah, if washington wants our dust i would be happy to send some however, most dust is someones topsoil so i think i will just keep some of my neighbors dust-he has one of the best farms in the area which tells me he has good dust. caryn in miss.

  4. Although the EPA says the problem is farm dust, I have no doubt whatsoever that they see the REAL problem as farms themselves. Believe me when I say the EPA has done everything in its power (and it has lots of power) to destroy the farms of California. California has some of the richest and most productive farmland in the entire WORLD. So naturally the EPA wants to deprive that land of water - and they've found all manner of ways to shut off the water. Mind you, the water they are cutting off from the farms is California water - it's not like the water is coming from Washington DC. Nope, it's our water and we should say how it's used.

    We will someday soon (next few years) be as dependent on foreign food production as we are today on foreign oil production. Why? Wealth redistribution. That's right - it's all about taking from Americans and giving to poor nations in a misguided and anti-American attempt to spread American "wealth" to the rest of the world. I don't know about you, but I'm not wealthy and I don't want to buy produce or fruits from Kenya or Indonesia. Do you? That's what's coming our way, and it won't be pretty.

    Farm dust today - Farms and farmers tomorrow. Bank on it.

    Anonymous Twit
    Somehow I got to Russia because I passed through Moscow today. (Yes, I learned it's not Moss-Cow, it's Moss-Coe.)

  5. We used to live in California, specifically the Davis/Sacramento area which is rich in farmland. Even then water was a contentious issue. Obviously nothing has changed.

    Oh, and LOL on the "Mos-Coe" pronunciation. One of the first things we were told when we arrived in this region is, "There's no COWS in Mos-COE."

    For those wondering what we're talking about, there's a university town here in the panhandle of Idaho called Moscow. Pronounced "MosCOE," never "MosCOW."