Monday, August 2, 2010

Random pix

Our setting hen continues to diligently set on her eggs. Technically those eggs are due to hatch on Thursday, but I'm not entirely certain of her "official start date" so I could be off by a day or two. Chicken eggs take three weeks to hatch.

And we have another setting hen! This one is a Rhode Island Red and I believe she officially started setting about three days ago. Setting hens always seem to wedge themselves into the most inconvenient spots, but hey, whatever makes them comfortable I suppose. At least this lady is in the coop so I can shut her up safely at night.

Goodness, at this rate we're going to have chicks galore.

Here's one of our barn/shop cats, JJ, eating out of bowl Don made out of half a tankard.

It just struck me as funny, the kind of cat food bowls we have around here.

Peaceable kingdom.

Oats uncut...

And oats cut. This is a neighbor's field.

Don says I should limit the "amber waves of grain" photos on this blog, but gosh darn it's so beautiful during the time of harvest. I just can't resist.

It just makes me grateful for the abundance of food in this land, courtesy of your local hard-working farmers. Say a little prayer of thanksgiving for these folks.


  1. No limiting pic's please! This Prairie girl living on the ocean needs her fix.
    Also endlessly enjoyable are more Lydia pictures, barn cat pictures, pyr puppy pic's and LOVE the hens! (Oh, to have my own coop. Sadly I live in a city that bans urban chickens.) The point being is the pictures are delightful.


    P.S: the sunrise photo's are nice aswell

  2. Yes, Patrice, keep the awog (amber waves of grain) photos coming. They warm the heart.

    I recently read that 2% of the U.S.population now raises nearly all the food and fiber for the rest of the 98%. That is a stunning, and, I dare say, unsustainable situation. No wonder so many Americans appear to think everything they eat comes from the store.

    Keep the awogs coming. Yay reality! God bless our sod-busters!

    A. McSp

  3. I don't know if we're typical of most of your readers, but my wife and I love your pictures, Patrice. Every time I go to your blog and see the first picture at the top of the page with the bales of hay and the rolling hills fading off into the distant forest, I feel a calmness come over me that's hard to describe. You're a darn good photographer! Please don't stop. Your pic "peaecable kingdon" is another one of many that has a calming, restful effect, as well. It's beautiful, and so is your farm!

  4. Saw the Palouse country for myself today. Quite impressive. I loved seeing the farm equipment on the rolling hills, and I literally could have burst with pride (or maybe my lunch was too big) at the sight. Such a marvelous country, so productive. How much more productive and innovative we could be if the government would leave us to it.

    Chicken pictures are always cool. Same with those puppie photos (and this from a cat person) and of course scenes around your farm are very fascinating. Does this make me a voyeur? Sheesh, hope not.

    Anonymous Twit
    somewhere in the Inland Empire and not in any hurry to return home.