Thursday, August 12, 2010

Parental Rights Amendment

For some time now, the Home School Legal Defense Association has been fighting to get an amendment to the Constitution passed called the Parental Rights Amendment.  This came about because of our government's "progressive" efforts to ratify the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This UN piece of garbage could potentially wreak havoc with parental authority here in the U.S.  I wrote a WND column on this issue last year.  This UN Convention is a serious threat to American sovereignty and needs to be stopped. has a petition you can sign to help their efforts to get the Parental Rights Amendment passed.  I urge you to read up on the issues and then sign the petition.  We all need to do our part to keep the United Nations out of our home and away from our children.


  1. Done and sent to my email friends.

  2. Will do.

    There are very few things that can prompt me to contact my senators...Murray and Cantwell..but in this case I will make an exception.

    This has huge ramifications.

    A. McSp

  3. Another task to take on, it's one after the other these days.

    This is an important issue to tackle, no doubt about it. I think we need to take these on all at once, not one at a time. Our Constitution is under assault from every angle. We need to stop the assaults in their tracks, not continue to tackle one after the other.

    We need to work FOR and WITH candidates who will not let these issues even rear their ugly heads in the first place. We need to elect candidates who support the Constitution and individual rights, not some Marxist agenda that destroys the family unit and spits on our Constitution. Unless/until we do that, all our efforts to stop individual issues will be in vain. We can't fight a culture war on all fronts, we have to draw a line in the sand and say to those who would destroy our way of life: NO MORE! We will not be pushed or nudged one more inch. We must make our stand.

    The left uses these issues to dilute our efforts, to wear us down. We cannot let them use that tactic any longer. We must stop focusing on individual issues and instead focus on the real issue - the Constitution. Certainly, if you have the energy to take on individual issues, go for it. However, you cannot win because there will ALWAYS be another issue to fight. Instead, fight FOR the Constitution and that will cover all the issues we are fighting against today.

    Anonymous Twit

    PS Kick the UN out of the US.

  4. With my life, with my arms will I defend my childrens right to raise my grandchildren as they see fit. Thats a line I have chosen to draw in the sand and will not move. May God protect us from this. mwp

  5. i agree with the u.s.constitution and all the other fights will just be annoyances that will eventually go away.

  6. I am puzzled.
    Do you not agree that children everywhere should have the basic human rights suggested by the UN Convention?
    Or do you simply object to the wording of the legal instruments they are setting up to provide protection of these rights? If the latter, shouldn't you concentrate your criticisms on the wording rather than trying to pull down the whole enterprise?

  7. quedula
    Here is the main problem with the UN, it's a group of Progressives that believe wholeheartedly that they know better than you.

    As with every bit of legislation, rules, edicts and proclamations, they serve only to impede correct and limit what an individual can set out to do and eventually think no matter how good their intentions are to be.

    Intelligent people know that others can and will do for themselves and are equally respectful of others that wish to do so.

    The Constitution of the United States was written so that We, the people, can rule over our government thus preventing the unjust rule of the inevitable dictatorships from the minorities, in this case as in all others, Progressives and Marxists. As with all or the aforementioned, the use of semantics so that the words have very little meanings because of stretched definitions over the last 150 years.

    As far as trying to "pull down the whole enterprise", again the UN is progressive group which sole purposeis to unite the world under cabal of gobal governance which in itself underminds our beloved Constitution designed to give protections against that which the UN proposes to accomplish.

    Most of us disapprove of the way in which Muslims raise their children as slaves to the cause of political cult of Islam. Though their children may become slaves or offensive human weapons, it is their choice, but of course, it really isn't much of a choice which is why we oppose Islam and those that might support it no matter how PC or chic it is.

    If attacked by those that wished to destroy us, WE reserve the right to repel, no matter how much force is required, those offenders. You must understand that Islam isn't just a religion, it is a political ideology that espouses that it's followers dominate the planet.

  8. @warpmine You seem to have a very insular outlook. The USA isn't the only country in the world and there are far too many places where children are appallingly exploited and abused. The UNCCR is trying to do something about it and would have a much greater chance of success if backed by powerful nations like the USA.

    Incidentally you haven't answered my original question. What sections of the Convention do you specifically object to? Have you read it?