Sunday, August 15, 2010

More AWOG photos (that's "amber waves of grain" photos)

Harvest is beginning to wind down around here (although the wheat is still standing), so these may be the last of the AWOG photos for awhile.

Someone's four-bottom plow left in a field:

Here's our neighbor's oat field.  He baled it in small (50-lb) bales and most of it has already sold.

Younger Daughter and her friend Miss Calamity have been working with our horse Brit, getting her used to being handled.  Brit's never been trained and we're not experienced with horses, so Miss Calamity has been guiding Young Daughter in horsy matters.

Some of the flowers blooming this time of year.  Indian paintbrush:


And tansy:

Chickens getting comfortable in the cool of the evening:

Our setting hen (who I'm beginning to think of as Henrietta, so thank you to whomever suggested the name) is still faithfully setting on her new clutch of eggs.  I caught her off the nest recently, scarfing some food and water.  Setting hens will leave the nest once or twice a day to eat and drink...

Not to mention stretching what must be some very cramped legs...

I took the opportunity to check her eggs, and removed the two old ones that never hatched.
 So far so good.  If her patience holds, we'll find out in two weeks whether the new eggs are even fertile.

Meanwhile our other setting hen is still plugging along.  She has three eggs left (don't ask me how the others disappeared).  I don't know when her "due date" is, so we're hoping she won't be disappointed as well.


  1. Jenna in Florida came up with the name of Henrietta for the first setting hen, on July 20th. Kudos to Jenna.

    Love the farm scenes. And the wildflowers. And seeing the girls with the horse. Why have a horse if nobody rides him? Just for the added farm ambience? LOL Nah, that can't be the reason - you're too practical for that. Hmmm, Brit must have come with the farm?

    Can't get enough of those AWOG - keep 'em coming as long as possible. And those purple mountain majesties are mighty nice, too.

    A. McSp - how'd the yard sale go? If I'd known you were having one, I'd have been there! Missouri, right? A bit of a drive, but I'm always up for a good yard sale.

    Anonymous Twit

  2. We have two broody hens too. One is setting on 8 eggs! Poor thing. I can't imagine how uncomfortable she must be. Due dates are sometime this coming weekend, so we'll see how many we get. Hope they're not all roosters.

  3. We have 2 Muscovy hens. One had a clutch of eggs earlier but we think it may have gotten too cold and she lost all. Then her sister successfully hatched 12. Then she tried again with a clutch and hatched 3. Two left the nest while she remained setting and the dog got them. Our dog usually doesn't touch the chickens or duck so she was disciplined for this. It was an awful disappointment when we went to the coop the other day and found her last little duckling drowned in the waterer. Somehow that little guy had gotten his beak stuck underneath the lip of the waterer. Momma has left the nest box and looking sadder than ever... I think it might be in our heads, but she just looks sad next to her sister. I hope that she may be successful before the summer is over. All the other poultry have done well this year and we've doubled our flock. Thank the Lord for that.

  4. I second A.T.'s AWOG/PMM comments! Keep 'em comin'!

    And...(pant pant pant)...the yard sale was a success A.T.! We got rained out last weekend after getting off to a gang-buster start on on Friday, but got in three full days this weekend, despite the scorching heat. We're both (pant pant) pretty whipped today, but threatening nonetheless to do it again an two weeks. (Look into my ears for daylight.)

    And Honey we're practically neighbors! I'm on the Washington Peninsula...just follow 101 to Taylor Cutoff and turn left! lol I didn't know in time you were roaming around these parts (Oregon) or I'd have whistled you up and had you come stay for a spell. As a former California girl myself I know we'd have tons of fun and lots to talk about.

    G-ma T: look at that good pony's ears and how she's looking into that child's eyes.
    Do you see what I see?

    Go ( as the case may be!) Henrietta! We're all rootin' for ya!

    A. Mc Sp