Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random pix

Younger Daughter watering the livestock and petting our horse, Brit.

Nothing more exotic than the sun setting through the trees and weeds in our side yard - yet it was pretty, the way the sun lit up the plants.

Lydia hears a mouse in the pantry. We've been overrun with mice lately and can't seem to trap them fast enough. Last night we resorted to poison (something I hate using), which was eaten by this morning. I have a feeling there are a lot of very sick mice staggering around at the moment.

Pretty sunset.


  1. Sunsets on the Pacific coast are quite spectacular, but Idaho sunsets are equally colorful and dramatic. Without clouds, sunsets would be routine.

    Paraphrasing Judy Collins:
    I've looked at clouds from both states now,
    From here and there, and still somehow
    It's clouds' diffusions I recall.
    I love clouds, without rainfall.

    Anonymous Twit

  2. Lydia need a friend to watch those mice with... perhaps a cat?

  3. we have field mice that just love to come in at certain times of the year..usually we can nip 'em in the bud with those baited glue traps. but let me tell ya our real problems is with those squirrels-those little guys will literally eat their way into a house...and we find ourselves constantly on the lookout for their stashes of acorns and nuts...seems that mice and squirrels don't care for extreme weather either. they are fun to watch though and they tease my dogs somethin awful.

  4. I don't recall if you've told us about Brit's age and breed. I think she's just gorgeous. Does she drive? I think I recall seeing pictures of the kids riding her. Is she shod? She sure looks like a sweety.

    Sorry to hear you had to resort to poison in your mouse struggle. It seems like mice always proliferate more after a rainy year. We've been blessed with ferocious kitties who do serious mouse patrol, aided by some very skilled owls, so we're able to hold our own. We just won't do poisons on the place. If I needed to ramp up in a mouse war I'd use Coke or some other carbonated drink. The carbonation does them in. It's the only time you'd find such products around here. lol And it leaves them suitable to feed to the ravens. Earns big popularity points.

    A. McSp

  5. > Brit ... does she drive?
    Present US legislation prohibits farm animals from operating motor vehicles.
    Although on your own private land I supposed it would be OK.