Sunday, August 29, 2010


It never rains but it pours. A neighbor called and asked if we wanted their one single chick who was born a few days ago. This one has a mother, but the neighbors aren't equipped to handle a mother and baby by themselves (if nothing else, the other chickens devour the specialized chick-starter food).

So we brought home Crackle in a paper bag.

He's mightily annoyed to be separated from his mama, as you can imagine.  He's cheeping fit to kill.

Here he is with Snap, who backed into a corner, not sure what to make of this creature.  We installed them in a bigger box after this shot was taken.

All we need is a Pop and we'll have a nice little trio!

As an aside, looky what I just found in the greenhouse:

I guess we'll be breaking out the wasp spray tonight...


  1. Windex or window cleaner with amonia work great. The amonia desolves the membranes of their wings. Can't fly to far without membranes.

    I used this trick when I was a cable installer.

  2. Our wasps must be more benign. We have had big ol' wasp nests hanging right above the door and they never bothered us. I was a little more cautious about the hornet nest in the pear tree, though.

  3. Hi Patrice, I was reading some comments about some article this morning, someone wrote that she was "going to move to a farm, get off the grid, have a garden and a hammock" ...and I thought of you, I bet you could set her straight on the hammock part! Your blog is a great lesson on country living.

  4. LOL - damn straight! Maybe this should be my next column - moving to the country. Send me your ideas!

    - Patrice

  5. something really neat and special about baby chicks...your choice of names is great!