Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peaceable kingdom

The dogs started barking this evening, so I looked out the window and saw a doe and her fawn just catching the last of the sun's rays.  (These pictures were taken through a rather dirty window so they're not the clearest.)

Then suddenly I realized there were two fawns.



  1. mother nature at its' best...just makes my heart go thumpety thump. we live just off of the tishomingo national forest on forested land and i get herds of deer most every evening..they come right on up to the sun deck and into the driveway..my dogs have gotten used to them and don't bark at them anymore. i can stand out on the deck and talk to them and they seem to understand what i am saying. they are such grand and graceful creatures. caryn in n.e.miss.

  2. Your dirty window makes the pictures look like Monet paintings, at least to me. Wonderful!


  3. I rather like the ethereal effect given by the dirty window.

  4. So cute. I'll never forget looking out my mom's back window and seeing a doe and her fawn in the backyard. They lived in a neighborhood in the middle of a bustling town, but their area had large conservation areas.

    I watched that fawn frolic like a puppy for almost a 1/2 hour while it's mother walked leisurely around the yard, nibbling on whatever caught her fancy. It was great.

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I saw a young bobcat in my front yard stalking rabbits just the other day, love seeing that kind of stuff.

  6. Isn't country living wonderful?

  7. We've enjoyed a bumper crop of fawns in our area this year. Also, our place has been "home base" to a beautiful trio of beautiful bucks having the most gorgeous racks I've seen on any California deer.

    Hunting season is in full swing now, and two of "our" bucks have turned up missing. Oh well.

    I'm not against hunting. I guess I'm just jealous that someone got "our" bucks without asking our permission. ;-)


  8. As our president would say, this is a teachable moment. Did you know that whitetail does have one fawn during their first mating season and thereafter, if they are healthy, will have twins? So, this doe is obviously an experienced mom because she has twins.

    I agree with those who like the effect of the dirty window. It's unintentional art. Perhaps you have started a new artistic photographic style? "Accidental art" - how very esoteric.

    Anonymous Patriot

  9. Hi Patrice, I stumbled across this video called The Secret of OZ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D22TlYA8F2E&feature=recentf
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  10. Patrice, the look of those windows says to me, "Whole lotta cookin' goin' on around here!"

    A. McSp