Saturday, August 14, 2010

Potluck pictures

We had a neighborhood potluck this evening, held on the property of a new neighbor who has one of the most outstanding views in our area.

I don't consider myself the most skilled of photographers (I belong to the point-and-click-and-hope-for-the-best school of photography), but I thought this shot turned out beautifully:

If you click on the photo, in theory it will enlarge so you can appreciate the massive view of the canyon with the setting sun featured behind our neighbors.

We had a wonderful evening with thirteen people attending.

We are blessed to have such wonderful, sociable folks living around us as well as beautiful scenery.


  1. How wonderful! I just read an article on how we have lost the art of hospitality. I'm glad to see it is still alive and well somewhere!

  2. My recent trip to Idaho was rather enlightening. I learned quickly and firsthand that many Idahoans don't like Californians. (I had hoped the American flag in the back window of my vehicle would compensate for my CA license plate - no such luck.) So, my curiousity has me asking this question: where are your new neighbors from? They aren't from California, are they? LOL

    Somebody needs to let Idahoans know that not all Californians are liberal, gay, sprout-lovin', atheist vegetarians. Some of us are actually Christian, Conservative, gun-totin', meat-eatin', regular folks who like to take vacations once in awhile...and then return home. :)

    Glad your new neighbors are nice. Bad neighbors are like those little dogs you don't like - noisy and useless.

  3. Oh, I dunno....

    I mean, take away the mountains, the trees, the blue evening sky, the friendly neighbors, and whatdya got?

    Bill Smith

    It looks like Heaven to me!

  4. ROFLOL....*we're* from California! And you're quite right, we don't admit it because of the terrible reputation ex-Californians have. When we lived in Oregon, it was known as "Californicating" the state. With some accuracy, I'll admit.

    - Patrice

  5. Hey! I've been in that movie! Although it's not as vicious here as in some parts of the other words you may not get your car 'keyed' in the parking lot if it has Ca.'s still unwise to reveal you've from there. For many folks here California is a four letter word.

    The irony is we consider ourselves escapees who fled from the very element we see importing the 'liberal, gay, sprout-lovin' atheist vegetarians' Anonymous
    describes above (...although the description left out illegal immigration-lovin'..). We're so grateful to have gotten away, and we grieve to see the same things we fled beginning to take root around us...and a bit disheartened by the speed with which it appears to be happening.

    Fortunately my husband was born and raised on a nearby island, so we can say we 'came home' and mostly avoid the embarrassing and unpleasant confrontations.

    Would that the anti-Californians would be more discerning and open to learning from those of us who could help teach from real experience how to prevent "it" from happening here.

    Sadly, we're already beginning to wonder if we might need to move on again...but to where? We're the permanent put-down-roots type. Moving's not in our nature.

    A. McSp

  6. I've been following your blog for the past week and thinking Idaho might be a nice place for me to move my California-born-and-raised family. But after these comments, I'm not so sure now. Just want to say that there are plenty of us who are conservative Christians, that are fed up with Arnold and the rest of the idots running the state.

  7. Oh goodness, you'd be more than welcome. Remember, we're from California! It's not the geography that matters, it's the attitude. If someone moves to a new place and expects everyone ELSE to adapt to THEIR requirements, they won't be treated as nicely as if they would be willing to adapt to their new surroundings instead.

    Remember, it's not the geography, it's the attitude. Now put your place up for sale and come on up!

  8. Well, we may just have to take a road trip and check things out. Thanks for the welcome mat!

    Anonymous - California-born-and-raised