Friday, August 6, 2010

Dog days of summer

Yesterday the temperature was in the mid-90's and humid. Few of us in this neighborhood have air conditioning. During such weather, Lydia's preferred spot is smack in front of the fan.

So when our friend Enola Gay called and invited us to go to the lake, we were quick to accept.

Here's Oldest Daughter making a splash. I tried to catch her mid-air but my camera speed wasn't fast enough.

A tiny frog.

The little guy was fascinated.

Easy livin'.

And of course we had the obligatory obnoxious older teenagers showing off. (You can't see the beer bottles they had on the dock with them.)


  1. Well, we can certainly see a beer belly.

    Bill Smith

  2. And beer boobs on one young man.

    Anonymous Twit
    near CDA lake