Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy busy busy con't

In the aftermath of last Friday's marathon coating session, we were faced with getting all these tankards out the door and into customer's hands by this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

Sunday, far from being a day of rest, was spent baking (to force-cure the lining), testing, carding, and boxing all these pieces into five large and one small box (the small box was to a different customer).  Needless to say the house was trashed by Sunday evening:

This morning we woke up early and continued packing.  The temperature was surprisingly chilly, a mere two degrees above freezing:

Fall is unquestionably coming early this year, which may herald a harsh winter (another reason to always be "prepared" in this neck of the woods - getting snowed in for a week at a time is nothing unusual).

We spent a frantic morning finishing up the tankards, getting them boxed, and making invoices:

Here they are, boxed and ready for FedEx Ground.  These calm-looking boxes don't reveal the frantic effort that went into them!

This is the seed stock for the opening weekend of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  Whew!  We can't rest on our laurels, though.  We have to get busy making replacement stock for everything that (pray God) will sell over the next seven weekends.


  1. Good work, Lewis People!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way, all over a music bed of the William Tell Overture. lol

    I'm thinkin' you're right about the coming winter...looks and feels the same way here, and it feels like it's not far away.
    Here's hoping we be wrong!

    A. McSp

  2. Wow! Seems you were just starting to thaw a few weeks ago.

    Tanya W.

    PS. - Hoping to cool down enough here in the next week to plant seedlings that won't look like I tried to sprout them in the oven. LOL

  3. I have family and blog friends in Maine and hear the fall appears to be coming early there too. Perhaps that means there is some hope for a cooldown here in Texas soon.

  4. It was around 90 degrees here (almost a hundred degrees here with humidex) and I live in Canada. Are you in a higher elevation?

    Best wishes on a complete sell out.