Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One great lovers

I've been slogging through a huge backlog of emails left over from my Portland trip when I came across this beauty. This is one of those generic shot-in-the-dark emails we all get from Namibia or the Philippines or whatever. Like this person really has seen my "profile," right? (Spelling and punctuation left intact.)

Hello my dear

I'm miss evelin maluga,slim stature,open minded, honest, trusted,caring and just to mention but a little. I hope honesty and trust they say build a strong relationship,no matter the distance that keeps us apart it still gives me the confident to write you this mail. I go through your profile today and it was very lovely .I will really appreciate it if we can click together as one great lovers.I DO NOT LIKE A MAN THAT PLAY GAMES I NEED A REAL MAN COS I AM A REAL WOMAN OK Please kindly mail me back So that we can know about ourselves I'm waiting urgently to see your lovely mail soon.
Yours in love


  1. Woo.

    That's a real skin-crawler, ain't it?


  2. lol!
    you got yourself a mail-order bride!