Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm shamefully behind in cross-linking a number of people who kindly posted something from my blog onto theirs, so here's the catch-up.

First and foremost, here's a writer named Leona Salazar who keeps a blog called I Don't Get It. She referenced one of my columns last year and I've borne a nasty guilt ever since for not cross-posting (I'm sorry, Leona!). This woman is a SCREAM. Witty, funny, and dead-on accurate. Her archives have her past articles. Go there, man, and immerse yourself in her brilliance.

Here's a brand-new start-up blog examining the importance of Constitutional Carry in Texas, which I think most folks reading this support and approve. Steve Haynes, the writer, referenced my Domestic Terrorist rant. He's fighting the good fight and needs our support!

Here's Rob at the PACNW Righty blog who referenced my Go West, Young Man post. Rob's observations are always razor-sharp.

And a new reader who runs a blog called the Orange Jeep Dad posted a piece on (gulp) castration. He looked up the particulars on YouTube and was horrified by the details. I would like to point Orange Jeep to my post on castrating our calf Thor 'cuz it's MUCH easier than the ol' yank-em-out version of castrating.

Remember folks, if you reference one of my blog posts on your blog, by all means let me know. The secret of the blogging world is links, links, links. Cross-linking posts is the way to grow!


  1. Thank you for sharing these, Patrice. Much appreciated. You're so right about the linking and the growing; I've found some real gems through others' links. But be careful how you word it: "Links" in German means "left". Hee hee, sorry. Leaving now. Bye.

  2. Ah, the old yanking out method. That way you can have mountain oysters, or prairie oysters or whatever you wish to call them.
    When I first began working for a veterinarian, it was with an old timer. He said that all of the cases of tetanus he had ever seen in calves and lambs was from the use of the green cheerio method (elastrator). That being said, I did use the green cheerios when I did my two boys in 2009. Quick and easy, but I gave them a tetanus antitoxin injection (TAT) and a dose of penicillin (PPG) just in case. But, I did not check for horn buds (DUH) and now I have a couple of "horny" steers. Good thing they go into the freezer this September.