Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where do you spend your money?

My friend Enola Gay has a really really really good (and funny!) blog post called Where you spend your money, there your skills are also...


  1. Enola Gay is very bright but for those of us out there doing a tough job dailey, we need to go with the flow. I spend my money on things that make my situation a bit easier. I do not mean to imply that doing a blog and the rest is not difficult. I couldn't do it. Different strokes and all of that.

  2. We're all just such weirdos, aren't we? LOL

    I've just been 'de-constructing' some cast-off sweaters and now have a great assortment of high quality yarns that would cost a small fortune if I'd had to buy them retail. In fact, even the prices for most of the yarn at the local thrift stores has become prohibitive. So I wait for the sales and watch for the extra x plus sizes and invest the time it takes to take them apart. I'm currently working with some really nice cotton yarn that's been pre-shrunk and is nicely softened from its previous life as a Coldwater Canyon turtle neck pullover. LOL
    I paid $1.50 for it and got enough yarn to make several very nice Christmas and Mother's Day gifts. Ta-daaaaa!

    And I've never made car payments.

    So unAmerican! lol


  3. your previous anon. commentator missed the point of enolas post entirely....personally, i loved her post and started my own list..vastly different in some areas, yet very similar in purpose. a tough hard life is alot easier to survive in if a person is prepared for it. a big screen tv wont keep ya warm, a cell phone/smart phone won't provide a meal, and ya cannot open a can with video games.