Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random pix

I caught this robin bathing in a puddle of water in the wheat field. I took these from our bedroom window and had to zoom in to maximum, then crop like crazy, so they're not the clearest.

Polly and Thor have become good friends.

Working on a production run of tankards.

A sign on our neighbor's property:

Gas prices as of 4/12/11:

Little Victoria is looking well and healthy. The dehorning looks beautiful.

Peaceable kingdom on a rare sunny day. This is Smokey, Pearly, and Thor.

For everyone asking for a Lydia "fix," here she is. (When her tail looks blurry, it's because she's wagging it.)


  1. Maybe you could post a picture of her as a puppy laying in that chair along with the current picture so we can appreciate just how big she's grown. I'm surprised she doesn't get stuck!

  2. Can't help but think that you might get quite a laugh out of this...
    It's the story of how our cow got stuck in our doghouse. Really and truly.
    Thanks for your blog. I don't comment often, but I do read regularly.

  3. Your gas price is a bargain compared to ours: $3.99 on Monday.

  4. That sign is hilarious....and the barcode on it, even more so......

    Maybe it's time for Don to make the chair arms swing away....just in case there's a "fit-on-it malfunction "one of these times.......but, hey, it's not Lydia - it's the chair that's shrinking ;)

  5. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)April 13, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Thanks for the great pics! Would love to see more of Hunka-hubby's workshop - love those pipe clamps! How long does it take for the strips to dry? Since we've moved I haven't had much time to be in mine; still have a lot of the smaller tools in boxes. Just the big stuff is set up. My silly, lovable chickens take up most my time and energy now-a-days. Maybe after the veggies are planted. Regular gas is $3.59 here.

  6. That is a good 25 cents more per gallon than in my part of the world for diesel fuel. Lydia looks like such a big peaceful fluff ball that you just wish you could lay your hands on her and talk to her. Polly and Thor look so much alike that they could be sisters. No wonder they get along so well.

  7. How I would love to play in the wood scraps from your tankards! The wood is beautiful.