Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bugs me

I don't know why, but these bumper stickers bug me.

I can't put my finger on why, but they do. How do you folks feel about them?

UPDATE: I should clarify one thing: I do not believe these bumper stickers address race. I have a multi-racial family and to the best of my knowledge I'm pretty much color-blind on that issue.  Co-existing with all races isn't an issue for me.


  1. I have not seen them before this post but I don't like them either and they also rub me wrong. If you asked me to explain my reason it would take some time however I have a problem with them.

  2. I totally agree, Patrice... sort of subliminal messaging or something creepy like that...

  3. Looks like something quedula might have on her car.


  4. I've been joking to my husband for years that someday our American flag will no longer be the stars & stripes, but that "coexist" sticker. LOL The liberals in our country are madly in love with "diversity". Have you noticed how nearly all new kids picture books portray people of every different color in them? I mean, often the family sitting around the dining table will be different colors, every single one of 'em! It's ridiculous. How many families look like that?

    What bugs me personally about the whole "we're obsessed with diversity, coexistence crowd", is that it's all talk for most of them. How many of them would *really* want to go live in the projects in the ghetto, or invite all those poeple to live next door to them in their suburban neighborhood? And where do the bloodiest, scariest gangs exist? And the most gun violence? And graffiti? In all the areas of the country where we have the greatest diversity!

    I suppose most people just think of those stickers as ideal, like, "wouldn't it be nice if we could all just get along?" But as for myself, I don't think that's reality. I think its silly idealism. I believe in tolerance & kindness of course, but how many humans truly embrace every different religion, lifestyle, gender orientation, bizarre fetish, etc. etc., y'know? We all have opinions! We are judgemental, opinionated poeple, not mindless sheep that embrace "everything" & want to coexist with everyone.

    I mind my business, you mind yours. Don't expect me to "coexist" with you!

    your friendly neighborhood libertarian. ;)

  5. Tolerance, Fair Trade, Equal Opportunity are all admirable traits. It is this seemingly innocent outlook that allows us to give our country to anyone who wants it. I could be wrong, I have been in the past. All these things for our own good are really starting to wear on my well being. Maybe I could just make my own mistakes without the governments help. Who knows.


  6. First, Christ is the only way and second its hard to coexist peacefully when the C* part has a significant part of its membership out to kill the members of the other "letters." Its touchy feely hogwash that ignores the reality of terrorism

  7. I was going to spout some nonsense about how closed minded someone must be to dislike the idea of peacefully coexisting with all races and religions, but then I thought better of it. We must be able to listen to the opinions of others without passing judgement on them if we expect others to treat us with the same respect. After all, you never know what you might learn from someone with an opinion that differs from your own.

  8. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)April 23, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Yeah...God will bless all nations when some nations stop blowing up, beheading, stoneing, cutting off limbs and flying planes into buildings.

    I am so, so tired of this diversity crap....(sigh)

  9. I suppose to the religious the first sticker would seem rather redundant. You believe there is only one God so surely he would "bless all his children" without being asked?

    As for a plea for coexistence, you can only disagree with that, if you have somehow come to believe you belong to a "master race" like Hitler. (And, before the usual knee-jerk, no, he wasn't an atheist.)

  10. Well, in my family we have my Mexican/Filipino husband, myself who is a mix of Irish/French/Indian/Belgium/German/Dutch - and that is only on my mothers side. I don't know my biological father. So our children are really interesting. We have 3 blue eyed children and 3 brown eyed children. My second daughter looks Asian, my 3rd daughter is so very fair skinned that people have doubted she is my husband's child (believe she is!), my son has light golden skin with my brown/yellow/orange eyes, then our 4th daughter looks straight up Mexican with very, very dark hair and eyes and last is our 5th daughter who has black curly hair and deep blue eyes with fair skin. Think Elizabeth Taylor.... So I like to see some of the books where everyone is different. If I adopt a child then I honestly wouldn't care what color they were. We could end up with a black child or a red headed, blue eyed, light skin child. Diversity can be good. Doesn't mean I like those bumper stickers though.

    Ouida Gabriel

  11. I agree 110 percent with the above comment that Christ is the only way, but the difference between Christians and everyone else is that we can't win people over simply by TELLING them that He is the only way, but by letting His love in our lives convince them. Thanks for posting this, Patrice.

  12. I have seen these stickers around and I don't like them either. It is just more of the divide and conquer. They get us divided and then we are conquered.

  13. The bumper stickers sure aren't my style but seeing them doesn't bother me one bit :-)

    I think the Blessings of Almighty God upon every person, Nation and all of Creation is a good thing, and something to be prayed for by people of all faiths.

    Reminds me of:

    "Blessed Are The Peacemakers For They Shall Be Called The Children Of God."
    "Glory To God In The Highest, And On Earth Peace, And Good Will Toward Men.

    Not to mention I'm pretty sure that
    "Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself"
    is mandated for Christians by Christ himself - well at least according to his disciples Matthew, Mark, Luke and James.

    All of the above - including "Coexist" & "God Bless All Nations", seem like something that I can agree with, no matter how tacky the graphics.

  14. It bothers me because it's all leading toward a one world government. And it won't be America as we know it. It is also leading to a new age, sterilized, non-offensive, middle of the road, powerless, state religion which will be acceptable to all and effective for no one! Little by little they're taking away everything that has always made this nation great. I never thought I'd ever see it in my lifetime. I only hope that when and if they succeed in tearing down the Constitution and all our freedoms that I am prepared enough to survive!
    Ok, I'll calm down and climb of my soapbox now.

  15. I have seen that "coesist" sticker for a while and it bugs me, too. The 'a priori' that we just can't get along without some human oversight is just plain wrong. America especially is a country whose foundation is of diverse immigrants working together under a Constitution which protects their individualism.
    Additionally, if one were to survey all countries for the evidence of charitable "good" that person would discover overwhelming evidence that the "T" part of the slogan is responsible for the great preponderance of charity, foreign aid, humanitarian aid, missions, and hospitals.
    I am tired of the godless preaching to me...

  16. "Coexist" generally means everyone gets to yell, protest, act out and basically do whatever they want, except for Christians, who are supposed to shut up and deal with whatever crap the rest of them decide to pile on.

  17. It's the whole idea of tolerance. Everyone is right, no one is wrong (except Christians, of course). And I didn't read the other comments yet, but the first thing I noticed was the crescent moon is the first symbol on both stickers.

  18. I saw your post title and read "bumper sticker" in the blurb and I already knew which ones you were going to be talking about.

    What bugs me about them is that their condescension to all is ridiculous. There's one group out there that refuses to coexist and these bumper stickers don't acknowledge that. It's like lecturing all of your children because one of them is a bully.

  19. Peace through superior firepower seems to work pretty well.

    Let's face it folks, some of those "groups" are interested in coexisting. They only want to subjugate and convert under the threat of death.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  20. And just to prove my point:

    Indonesian police said 19 suspects, who had planted bombs beneath a gas pipeline at the Christ Cathedral near Jakarta, were part of a new terrorist cell inspired by al-Qaeda.

    The bombs, which were defused in a 10-hour operation on Thursday, had been rigged to go off just as services at the 3,000-seat Roman Catholic church were taking place for Good Friday.

  21. Coexistance is not always possible, as the above incident in Indonesia illustrates. But we in America are in far more danger from the tyrants (it wouldn't be a stretch to call them terrorists) in D.C. than we are from Islamic terrorists. Their only calculation when forming their plans is "what can we get away with right now?" And they refuse to forbid adherents of the "religion of peace" from settling here-thereby admitting more potential bombers.

  22. First off, hi! I'm a regular reader here, but I don't comment. When I saw this, I had to say something.

    I stopped being tolerant a long time ago because it made me nothing more than a doormat. I used to think these 'coexist' signs were cool when I was younger, but now they disturb me. Oh sure, they promote 'diversity', EXCEPT for diversity of opinion. I have every right to think my beliefs are superior (otherwise I wouldn't believe them), and it does not put me in the ranks of Hitler, like someone in an earlier post pointed out. That man took what used to be considered a healthy sense of pride in one's country, culture, and religion and twisted it into something grotesque during a very vulnerable time in Germany's existance. He was basically the product of a broken home, so what he did was no surprise. I truly pity him.

    I really am a live and let live sort of person, but I do reserve the right to defend what I believe. The last few years I've opened up my eyes and discovered just how degraded our country is, and sadly, how deep the poison has seeped into even my own life. I'm just glad I haven't done anything too stupid yet. I used to be a borderline liberal, and heck, even a 'green freak' but no longer. I finally understand what my parents had been telling me all along. Hopefully, my little sister will in time. She's currently conflicted.

    Anyways, diversity isn't always a bad thing. Try tracking my own family, and you'll find I'm all over the place, though yes, we do appear very 'white'. That's just skin color. I'm only counted as caucasion because for most people I look causasion at first glance. I have been mistaken for an hispanic by Mexican immigrants though. Must be the Native American showing through. :)

    ~Lily from Texas~

  23. Living in a college town, I see these all the time. I think the thing that irritates me is the implication that we are *not* coexisting and must be reminded to do so. Every single day, I coexist with people who are different from me or with whom I disagree. We all do! The sticker just seems a little self-righteous to me.

    And as for the "God Bless All Nations"... as a Christian, of course I want God to bless all people. I, like most Christians, daily pray that people would be delivered from pain, illness, poverty, abuse, war, and all types of suffering, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. Yet, of course, I am primarily loyal to my own country. I believe that the US is a divinely inspired nation and that our ideas on freedom and personal responsibility are unlike that of any other nation on earth. Am I wrong for wanting us to continue to be blessed? Nope.

    My personal philosophy is to treat everyone with kindness and respect, even if they do not extend the same to me. This doesn't mean I'm a pushover; it just means that I try to see people like Jesus would have. I don't need an uppity bumper sticker to remind me to be the kind of person I want to be.

  24. "I used to think these 'coexist' signs were cool when I was younger, but now they disturb me. Oh sure, they promote 'diversity', EXCEPT for diversity of opinion. I have every right to think my beliefs are superior (otherwise I wouldn't believe them)..."

    Right on, Lily form Texas!!!!! I couldn't agree more!

  25. The "coexist" bumper stickers drive me nuts too, because they imply that everybody needs to be nice and play along... which would be great if Islam didn't directly teach that they have an the authority and obligation to subjugate the rest of us. It's rather obnoxious to assume I should happily "coexist" when doing so requires me to give up all my rights and spat on daily.

    I don't think they have anything to do with race, just ignorance.

  26. Deliver me from mine enemies,O my God: defend me from them that rise up against me. (Nations)
    Deliver me from the workers of iniquity, and save me from bloody men. (Government)

    Thou therefore, O Lord God of hosts, the God of Israel, awake to visit all the heathen: be NOT
    merciful to any wicked transgressors. Se'lah.

    The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.


    PSALMS 59


  27. I always have to shake my head and wonder why point out differences just to say not to pay attention to them?.......

  28. God doesn't bless all nations....Those who Bless Israel, I will bless and those who curse Israel, I will curse......And in the end times, nation will be against nation....NO BLESSING HERE either.
    Co-exist is a stupid all inclusive thing that means that all religions on earth come together and live in harmony....
    Only people that are not followers of JESUS would love this sticker...they all think that they go to heaven on their own strength and all religions....
    Read Isaiah 53: 1-12 This is a Wonderful picture of what my Saviour did for wretched sinners. Only those who put their trust in HIM will have that peace and harmony with Him.
    He will judge the nations and not bless them.

  29. Here is the explanation for the second sticker. BTW, it didn't originate with me. Since I can't show the symbols, I'll number them in order:

    1 is Islam
    2 is Pacifism
    3 is Gay Rights
    4 is Judaism
    5 is Paganism
    6 is Taoism
    7 is Christianity.


    1 wants to kill 3,4,7 and 2. If 1 got its way 6 and 5 would convert or die. 2 can offer only non-violent resistance to 1. The problem is that 1 has no trouble suppressing dissent with violence, so 2 would be wiped out. 3 has been suppressed by all religions, which makes it intolerant of 1, 4 and 7. 4 is threatened by annihilation not only by 1 but also 2, who supports 1 over 4. 5 and 6 are statistically insignificant, but were needed to help the sticker make sense. 7 is who the sticker is directed against, but really poses no threat to the others.

    Glad to be of service, everyone. :)

  30. I think it bugs you because it's only the first half of their actual statement. The rest of it is, "If you don't we'll force you too by any means necessary."

    The actual person who has that on their car would likely deny that second part very strenuously. But the person they'd follow to bring about that "utopia" would have no qualms uttering it and doing it. Lenin called them useful idiots.

  31. to each his own..
    i find it very sad, that so many seem so enraged about the very uniqueness of our fellow man. my heart and mind remains open to people and cultures. i do not think i am a better person than someone that believes or lives differently..without compassion and an ability to agree to disagress/tolerance/coexist our future and our ability to truly love begins to fade away.

  32. This bumper sticker ( the co-exist one) has always impressed me that it had been written by some one in the occult, and in particular, wicca, which is paganism.

  33. MamaBear:

    Why do you say people are enraged by the uniqueness of others? Nobody who has posted seems enraged. I see people being defensive because of the threat of Islamic extremists and annoyed at the self-righteous attitudes of non-believers who imply that there is no sin except the sin of believing that your religion is correct. You can love people and still acknowledge that they are wrong. At least I can. My religion says to love your neighbor as yourself.
    Also, your statement that you don't think you are a better person because of your personal beliefs implies that many of the above posters think they are better. You are confusing thinking Christianity is correct with elitism. Nobody said they thought they were better than others (although many did imply that Islamic practices like stoning people to death, etc. are wrong). You obviously think you are better than most of the other posters because you are so tolerant of everyone except the other posters. Just because you have no faith in your own beliefs doesn't mean that everyone has to conform to the same wishy-washy belief system. Either Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light or he isn't. We can't both be right. That doesn't mean i don't have compassion or love for people who disagree, or that i can't coexist with those who disagree. The problem i have with those bumper stickers is that they imply we have a coexistence problem and, in this country, the coexistence problem we have is caused by non-believers who want to force Christians into caves because any public expression of faith is not "tolerated". Saying Merry Christmas or calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree is viewed the same as trying to burn heretics at the stake. When the Chinese people who run the Chinese buffet we frequent are celebrating their New Year, i have no problem wishing them a Happy New Year, even though it is not my New Year's celebration. I feel like people should be as comfortable wishing me glad tidings in my own holiday celebrations and work a little harder at coexisting with me instead of pretending like i'm the problem.

  34. To Steve Herr: love the explanation.
    To dafalax: excellent response to MamaBear.

  35. To me, these "Coexist" stickers give the ultimate political correctness message. Water down your beliefs about right, wrong, good, evil. Nothing is black and white (NOT in a racial way) and anyone who does not embrace the pale gray of 'anything goes' is to be shunned and distrusted. It is the same mentality that has given us unprotected borders, 'free' money to all who choose not to work, and a generation of children who believe that suicide is a reasonable solution to bumps in the road of life. It is a single-word representation of the swiss-cheese undermining of a nation that once stood for, expected and rewarded courage, innovation, hard work, true compassion (not the PC version) and faith.

  36. I'm also in a college town and have seen quite a few of these ridiculous bumper stickers. I'm waiting for the "religion of peace" to want to coexist with the rest of us who are true peace loving people. Honor killings (done by families here in America who don't want their daughters to co-exist with the rest of us), beheadings, stoning/killing girls because they were raped, etc., are all happening by the "religion of peace". The rest of us can't speak out against it or we have a phobia. Rev. Terry Jones wanted a permit to protest near a mosque in Dearbornistan but instead was jailed. Yes, he's a nut, but what has happened to our freedoms? When he burned the koran, there was violence. When someone burns a Bible, the Methodists, Episcopalians, etc., don't go out and riot. I'll be happy to coexist when they (who came to our formerly free country), make an effort to get along and become true Americans.

  37. Nice comment from Steve Herr I must say.

    That bumper sticker is a battle flag of the multi-cultist and although it sticks to religious symbols, and speaking of race is taboo, it is as much a part of the multi-cult movement as religion.

    Fueled by white guilt and the need for elitist liberals to atone by sacrificing everything with a strong white, male, or Christian influence on the altar of diversity. It advertises one's allegiance to a willingness to preform government sanctioned racism and religious/gender bias on a national or worldwide scale. Ability means nothing to a multi-cultist only one's race, gender or religion matters and the satisfaction one gets by throwing everyone but their own to the wolves.

  38. Jane, my bumper sticker dates from the Atheist Bus Campaign in the UK a few years ago. It says:- "There's probably no God, so stop worrying enjoy your life."

  39. When Christ sees these stickers does he think "obnoxious, subjugate, danger, touchy feely hogwash."? Is He offended? Or does he think, "Love ALL your neighbors as you love yourself. That's what I meant."

  40. TOLERANCE, (like un-deserving Trust), carried to the point of becoming VICTIMS to heinous acts, is NOT coexistence! It, then becomes a gradient slide leading toward the slaughter of emotional rationalization, and perhaps even to physical genocide of the human race!

    IT,if allowed or Left Unchecked, or Unquestioned, or, unqualified, becomes boundary coexistence that leads to APATHY!

    This bumper sticker eschews a "do unto all believe all mentality".
    It's otherwise called "Social Brainwashing", just as an unquantified, unchecked, Socially Correct Thought. The assumption is made, (as if we lived in a vacuum of a sweet, fictitious utopia of a world).

    It's otherwise known in Psych Ops as "Visual Propaganda" or "Social Conversion"!
    We know it as BRAINWASHING, as a result of repetitive social re-conditioning of beliefs.

    Beware of Symbolism, as it tends to brand you, and limit you into a thought box, to ALL of which that symbol represents.


  41. When Christ sees these stickers, does he think, "Creepy, danger, stupid, crap, touchy feely hogwash?" Is He offended? Or does he think, "I meant love ALL your neighbors as yourself?"

  42. "Probably no God?" Cute. On what "facts" is that statement based? Quedula, you show everyone once again that your purpose is not to have a sensible conversation with doubts and disagreements. You seek only to disrupt and annoy. Typically, you claim to have a bumper sticker that's purpose is only to annoy those who believe in God. Where's the "tolerance" and co-existence in that? You're a progressive liberal and a liar, dear soul. You do the work of the Devil and are no doubt quite proud of yourself! How truly sad. --Debbie

  43. Quedula, I like your attitude. All too often, I've noticed the most "evangelistic" people for their religion I have met have been atheists. I have several friends who are atheists, and we have gotten into some pretty lively debates, but respect each other's right to hold a contrary opinion - even though I know I'm right. ;)

    The problem I have always had with that sticker is the implication that "religion" is the root of all the world's ills. Granted much evil has been done in the name of God, but true Christians understand we must each give his own account before God, and can therefore allow others to have their own views. Given our (Christians') understanding of what follows death for those who do not believe, we will do our best to bring each unbeliever around.

    Unfortunately, there are those who claim to be Christians who do not follow this reasoning, such as Terry Jones or the members of Westboro Baptist "Church"...or the Catholic church during the Dark Ages. Those and others have been a source of embarassment to true Christians who've been commanded to LOVE.

    Several years ago Johnny Hart - who did the "B.C." comic strip - came under fire for an Easter comic that had a menorah morph into a cross. People of the "Coexist" mentality saw an anti-Semetic message in the strip, but were silenced by an article by an Orthodox Jew who did NOT see anti-semetism, but Hart merely showing that his religion - Christianity - CAME OUT of Judaism. The writer felt quite safe in the United States BECAUSE of the Christian majority.

    And just to let MamaBear know that I practice what I preach, although I am a Christian who does not compromise on my views of what is True, my own doctor is an Orthodox Jew, and I have entrusted the health of my children to a Muslim doctor.

    As others have pointed out, it seems that it is always Christianity that is under fire in the media for being unwilling to "coexist," but the evidence overwhelmingly points instead to Islam.

  44. Oh my goodness, Debbie. Your response to quedula was one of condescension and personal flaming. That doesn't seem like contributing to a 'sensible conversation' either. Neither does accusing one of 'doing the devil's work.' Not very Christ-like. You could have simply pointed out why you disagree.

    I've seen those bumper stickers for years, and they never bothered me because I never gave them much thought. However, I like many of the insights put forth in this discussion. Some really opened my eyes to the deeper meaning behind such symbols.

    Thanks for opening the discussion, Patrice. I would have probably gone forever not thinking about the meaning of what is almost a ubiquitous sticker in my college town.

  45. I think that what bugs me about these signs is that there is an underlying assumption that people should just "naturally" suddenly understand that they are wrong and start agreeing with whatever the person who posts the sign believes (which seems to be "I am superior because I don't have a spiritually based belief system").

    Anyone who has a belief system does do so because he or she believes that "what I believe is the truth, everything else is not". If you didn't believe it was true, you'd find something else. Such a belief system doesn't have room for co-existence, because everything else is a lie.

    The religious leaders (who tend to be as much political leaders as spiritual) have a vested interest in rejecting "co-existence" both because that would mean surrendering their belief system as the correct way, and because that would mean giving up cushy positions of authority. This includes the leaders of most religious belief systems including the many flavors of Christianity (Inquisition, Crusades, conquest of the Americas, etc), the many faces of Islam (jihad anyone?) and even Aztec sun worship (these guys lost their struggle to own the souls of their populace).

    The signs are disrespectful of all belief systems (aside from the "co-existence" belief system). Just because a bunch of religious leaders got together and talked about peace doesn't mean that people are going to give up war.

    Most wars are motivated by greed, with religion being used as an excuse. The true reason of war is always to steal from others on a grand scale. Your country has something my country wants and we are going to steal it and pretend that our god blesses this action by claiming it is because you are evil people and don't deserve your good fortune. Sound familiar?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the "co-existence" movement didn't end up oppressing all religions in the name of "peace" attempting to force people to give up their belief systems because they "cause wars".

    And we'll still have war.

  46. One could equally ask Debbie; "on what FACTS is god based?". But I was not responsible for the wording, I merely used the sticker to show my general support for the campaign.

    As a theological noncognitivist I hold that the expressions "god exists"/"god doesn't exist" are indeterminable propositions to start with. The word "god" is a mere placeholder; one cannot get any further until one has decided what one is looking for or what one is looking to disprove.

    Incidentally, in what way am I a liar? I am continually surprised by the way so-called "Christians" find the need to resort to insults to bolster their arguments. It is the reverse of convincing.

  47. I'm as conservative a Christian as any, and I truly wish that real, peaceful coexistence could happen, knowing that with our human sin nature, it never actually will. So I don't have a problem with the sentiment of the sticker, although I don't believe everybody's "truth" is equal. But, like the driver of that car, I also get tired of "God Bless America" stickers, although for a different reason: mainly because He has already blessed America tremendously, and He continues to do so, more than we deserve. I would much rather see a sticker that says "America Bless God".

  48. Quedula, I find your posts quite gentle. I can only assume that some of the other posters have not gotten into discussions with hard-core "evangalistic" atheists. I have, much more so in the last couple of years when - at the suggestion of an atheist friend - I joined Facebook, and in the Mensa and Intertel groups found many determined (and vocal) atheists, although - as I stated earlier - we keep our debates civil, and remain friends.

    I have to say that it is virtually impossible to prove the existence or nonexistence of God. For the atheist, one cannot prove a negative, and for the theist, God - at least Jehovah - usually requires an initial step of faith. What we CAN, do, however, is look at the evidence and ask, "Which is the most reasonable?" Into that mix, I intended to offer small piece that I'd written, but it was too long to be accepted. I'll offer the high points here, but feel my elaborations made it much more compelling. :)

    It has to do with the mere fact of the universe. How did it get here?

    One possible explanation is that it just spontaneously boomed into existence, but that would violate one of the foundations of science that out of nothing, nothing comes.

    Possible explanation #2 is that the universe doesn't really exist, that it's just an illusion in our minds. This is disproved that we can predict the movements of the planets, or repeat the experiments of others. Predictablity indicates that the universe is not an illusion.

    #3 is that the univers didn't really have a "biggining," but is itself eternal. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, though shows us that things are running down, and the end of the universe is maximum entropy, or absolute zero.

    That leaves us with #4, that someONE or someTHING outside our dimension of reality exercised sufficient power to bring the universe into existence.

    I have shared this with many of my atheist friends, and to date none of them have refuted the reasoning, merely stated that they don't accept it, although none of them have ever given me any alternative explanations. You may not find the concept with no other explanation compelling, but I have far too often encountered people who consider belief in God to be a sign of mental illness or stupidity, when that is simply not the case.

    Peace, quedula.

  49. They do not bother me, I see them as they are saying the persons of this car accept that everyone has different beliefs and we all need to learn to accept the differences! America is a melting pot and has always been. Please remember that Jesus Christ talked and befriended all whether they believed in his teachings of not, he did not turn his nose up at them, he taught and hoped they would join him, and if they didn't then that was their choice and he never walked up to that person and was rude, mean, or hurt them. Treat thy neighbor as ye wish to be treated (no matter how they are). He LOVES US ALL, and we should love others as he does no matter what they believe, that is our way into heaven and joining Jesus Christ!

  50. @Prepared teacher:

    I think, however that the vast majority of people with those stickers do not display them with the attitude to "accept everyone." The majority of those posting her ALREADY DO. Note my earlier post of the doctors who treat my kids and me.

    There is coming - already seen in the government and the MSM - a "tolerance" for absolutely every other view EXCEPT Judaism or Christianity. As an earlier post stated, we are to blame for the violence through the centuries (with the poster repeating the old saw of the Crusades and Inquisition.) As one reaised Catholic, and well familiar with the history of the Church - and well-versed in the Bible and what it teaches - I can say that the leaders of the Catholic church during that time were NOT Christian, but were merely using their authority to gain more power over people.

    True Christians are absolutely no treat to diversity and peaceful coexistence. The ones who are a danger are the ones who - like the phonies centuries ago - hide behind religious talk in an effort to spread their hate. If Terry Jones were really concerned about stopping the spread of Islam, his time would be better spent actually getting to know a Muslim, and dialoguing with him. Jones, the Wesboro people - let's not forget the KKK and Rev. Wright, Obama's pastor in Chicago - are doing nothing but spreading hate, and their religious talk is merely a convenient vehicle to do so.

    Ok. I'll step off my soapbox now. :)

  51. Thanks Steve. just wanted you to know I appreciated your civilised reply. Several thoughts have occurred to me with regard to the substance of your argument but this will take the present thread way off topic. I will try and post something on soon.

  52. I agree. The first one is lame. There is no nation (or individual) on earth that deserves God's blessing. God blesses whom He desires to bless, often long after they have stopped doing or seeking His will (insert the words, United States, here).
    I used to scoff at the second one as well, until recently. If we do not coexist, what is the alternative? I suppose someone might remove the cross symbol and redesign the text to read: EVANGELIZE. Now that's a bumper sticker I might actually put on my car!

  53. Bumper stickers like those are generally based on the "Liberal illusion" they make a liberal feel good... "I feel like I'm helping" when it really does illusion or mirage.

  54. That was always my opinion of the stickers that read, "Visualize World Peace." My thought was always, "That's easier than actually working for it."

    Things of this sort - as with 99 44/100% of Liberals' ideals - would be workable ONLY if everyone were to cooperate. We already know that there are those whose sole aim is more power and influence over others. In the case of radical Muslims, they will stop at nothing - even killing innocent children - to achieve their ends. The head-in-the-cloud Liberals are these people's useful idiots. Karl Marx actually used that term for people such as these.

  55. The bumper stickers "bug" me, because to me, they are a "dig" at, or rebuttal to believers and GOD BLESS AMERICA bumper as to say, YOU AREN'T COEXISTING or YOUR RELIGION ISN'T THE ONLY WAY....or IF YOU'RE GOING TO USE A BUMPER STICKER THAT SAYS GOD BLESS AMERICA....DON'T!
    That's the message I get...plain and simple.
    Not a message of love one another or acceptance at all.
    Donna G.

  56. These stickers have bothered me since I first saw them; I too couldn't quite put my finger on the reason. I certainly don't disagree that we should coexist across religions.

    I think one of the anonymouses hit it right on the head in saying, "I am tired of the godless preaching to me... "

    I think what bothers me about this is not so much the denotation as the connotation; that without someone restraining me I will turn rabidly homicidal on anyone not sharing my religion.

    That's a bit offensive.

  57. My favorite bumper sticker is "Visualize Whirled Peas".
    As for the "Coexist", I find it offensive because it glorifies many of the things the Bible says is wrong, ie, homosexuality, idol worship, other gods.

  58. I keep recalling David Barton quoting Joseph Story:
    "While today’s revisionists claim that the goal of the First Amendment was absolute religious pluralism, Joseph Story vehemently disagreed. He declared, 'The real object of the First Amendment was not to encourage, much less to advance Mahometanism, or Judaism, or infidelity, by prostrating Christianity, but was to exclude all rivalry among Christian denominations.' According to Founder Joseph Story, Christianity, not pluralism, was the goal of the Founding Fathers in the First Amendment for only a Christian nation is tolerant and thus is truly pluralistic."

  59. Well I'm not a Christian and I find them offensive because it seems as if they are trying to continually shove their message down my throat...I also get annoyed when I see the "One Day At A Time" stickers from AA...I'm like, "What? Everyone has to know your business?" Very aggravating--it's like I should pat the person on the back for telling the world his or her beliefs. Guess what? Most people don't care! We just want to take care of our families, do our jobs and go home...=p

    I'm pagan and I believe in God/Goddess/All That Is--that's how I refer to the Creator. Some of what has been said here by Christians IS offensive to other religions. Why is it okay for you to basically say I'm going to go to H-E-double hockey sticks because I don't believe in God the way you do? I don't judge you or how you worship God so why are you judging me? I believe that Jesus lived and that he was a great teacher and man, but I also believe that he is not the only teacher who God sent here. There have been many masters throughout time and they have all come to help people find their way to be one again with God. True believers in any religion are usually beautiful people--the kind of people who inspire you to be better than what you think you are, you know? Anyway, that's just a very small part of what I believe. It doesn't make me less than any Christians, it just makes me different.

  60. It signifies multi-culturalism to me, the very ideology that will destroy this Grand Experiment. Put me down for a nope, I don't like it...