Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Princess Polly Purebread

We discovered that Polly, our new little purebred Jersey heifer, loves bread. And I mean loves it. She loves it so much we've started calling her Princess Polly Purebread.

This is useful information to know, because it means she practically comes galloping when Don steps outside, to see if he has any bread with him. (We have to limit her to two pieces a day lest we clog her system.) Believe me, it's always nice when your cow is glad to see you.

Now that Polly has a surrogate mom (Matilda) and an adopted brother (Thor), she's settled in beautifully. She has just the sweetest disposition, every bit as sweet as Matilda. And Don has become fond of her as well.

Matilda never warmed up to Don because he was the one who administered the intramuscular shots when we were dealing with the nightmare case of mastitis just after we got her. While Matilda is as affectionate as can be with me, she's still wary of Don even after two years. But Polly -- ahh, she's a different story. Don has become her bread machine, and she loves him for it!


  1. WoW! These are wonderful pictures! Polly looks to be a wonderful investment!!! This, believe it or not, is my first post on your blog which I've been following for about 5-6 months. Polly's reactions with Don reminds me of my little border collie. Full of LOVE for her bonded master! Patrice beware, you may want to be the first with the bread or you may need to do all future immunizations/shots etc... when it comes to Polly that is! As a fellow Idahoan, I find your lifestyle amazing! Myself being a 10 year prepper and now in the midst of attempting to move my family to a small 15 acre farm brings many of the sacrifices to reality! It's one thing to talk the talk and but it's completely different to walk the talk! I'll save the rest of my story for my contest post. Thanks much for all you do and God Bless!

  2. Good to see that she is settling in. He's going to get a tongue in the face!

  3. A man and his heifer. Reminds me of Billy Crystal in City Slickers.

    Jeff - Tucson

  4. My son bought a day old Jersey heifer three years ago. She always avoided me because I'm the one that dehorned her and stitched her up when she got a cut. Now that she calved and we're milking her, she loves me. Don't know what happened, but she's the sweetest cow. Does this milking thing ever just become habit? :)

  5. I love those photos! I want a milk cow so badly! Still trying to convince the hubby. I'm afraid if I don't get a heifer calf now, I won't be able to find one, or afford it, if I do find one, at a later date when the lean times come. I live in your area Patrice, can you give me some recommendations on where to start looking for a heifer?

    Your blog and Enola Gay's are an everyday read for me, I love them both.

    God bless.

  6. Miss Violet, I would keep an eye on Craig's list. For example, my husband just found this posted:


    That said, be very careful of those selling culled Jerseys from dairy herds. That's what Matilda was, and while I love her to pieces, her udder has been a continuous source of trouble. If you purchase an adult, check her udder attachment, try walking her around on a lead rope, and if necessary bring someone with you who has some knowledge judging animal quality. If you purchase a calf or young heifer, make sure she's been handled a lot or prepare to work hard to halter-break her.

    - Patrice