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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Isn't it interesting. Ben Bernanke does the unthinkable and holds a press conference...

...and gold goes whoosh upwards. I wonder why?


  1. Not just gold, but silver and even the price of gasoline went up 4 cents during his speech. I wish he would give more speeches as it would benefit my PM holdings.

  2. Gold and silver is a safer harbor than bonds.
    Look at the US Dollar Index for the last 5 days on this graph.

    The buck is devaluating before our eyes.

    Last call for all persons to get their tangibles squared away.

  3. I don't know, could it be because the Feds are criminal? They are supposed to protect us and now they can't print money fast enough.
    -K on OK <><

  4. i think ben bernanke is a crook of the highest order. it is really hard to swallow anything he says, when he is robbing peter to pay paul from the pockets of hardworking americans in order to keep wall street working and pad the pockets of the government.his speech was nothing more than a huge tip to those who are making money off of the american taxpayers who are paying for their gas and food and energy with their savings that won't stretch far enough to buy gold or silver. i hope when all is said and done, he and his ilk find out what it is like to be hungry or go without the necessities.

  5. When markets react like they did when the quantitative easing crook spoke if tells me some Americans still have a modicum of Situational Awareness. 95% of America doesn't even know what that means. Maybe a commercial detailing it on dancing with the stars may enlighten them.

    Had Enuff

  6. Patrice,

    Our two families are probably very similar in finances and frugality. So my question is, do you feel it is prudent to invest in some gold or silver with such limited finances, or just keep buying beans, bullets and bandaids?

  7. The "whoosh" just isn't that much of a whoosh anymore. It only rose by what, 1%? That's really doesn't speak much to anything. To me what's more interesting is that it didn't go down at all.

  8. Anon 7:09, please understand I'm not a financial adviser. (Standard cover-my-butt disclaimer.) That said, we found ourselves priced out of the metals market LONG ago. Frustratingly even when metals were more affordable, we were always too strapped for cash to buy any, unfortunately.

    Our personal philosophy is to invest in other tangibles. Ammo will only be going up in price and down in availability, so that's always a good thing to have. And it's NEVER a bad idea to have adequate amounts of food and medical supplies. We buy items we know we'll use anyway, so we see it as a prudent place to put our limited finances. Just my $0.02.

    - Patrice

  9. Is it Woosh or what? Sorry folks, boy you have lost your minds.Listen, there is no rational reason under God's green creation why this has gone down this way. Think it over again. It is ALL wrong. Prepare, prepare. Or you can choose to laugh at me till you crap your pants. Today's stock market is insanely unexplanible and a total RED flag.

  10. My 0.02 cents worth says that these lying mongrels are doomed to the fires of hell.