Monday, April 4, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Among the many projects I've been finishing up in the last two weeks, another one bites the dust today.

Last year I was contracted to revise a book entitled How to Start a Home-Based Craft Business, by a fellow named Kenn Oberrecht. Mr. Oberrecht had gone through five revisions of this book and wasn't interested in doing it again, even though the book was badly out-of-date (understandably and most notably in the section on computers and their usage in a craft business). Because of my experience helping run a home-based crafts business -- as well as being a freelance writer -- I was contacted and then contracted to revise the book for a flat fee (no royalties).

It was actually rather a delightful project with many fine editors. I am just now reviewing the final pdf before it goes to press.

Last week's projects included a magazine article and a column (both due Friday) as well as finishing up the layout for the quarterly Dexter magazine:

This week will be entirely devoted to taxes (insert groan). Our appointment with the accountant is on Friday and I have not -- quite literally -- even begun to work on them (insert double groan).

At this point I would like to apologize to everyone whose emails I have NOT answered. They're piling up, and they're likely to pile up even more this week. I'll get to them, I promise!


  1. Your plate is very full,blogging is fun, but sometimes life can get awfully busy.At least your enjoying it! Blessings jane

  2. Somewhere in the middle of explaining/reading all that, I had a mental image of you on an ATV - with a laptop bailing twined against the steering section - zooming out into the pasture to round up gypsy cows....occasionally hitting the "save" button.....

    All kidding aside, as much as it's overwhelming sometimes - it's great to have the work coming in and to be respected highly enough to be asked for your writing expertise...:)

    Maybe the chickens can learn dictation - ?

  3. good luck with your taxes. this is our first year where we did not have to file...our pockets may be empty but with a sigh of relief, there is a smile on our faces.