Sunday, April 24, 2011

Simple living 101

Almost forgot to post this weekend's WorldNetDaily column called Simple Living 101.


  1. My husband likes to say: "You can't fix stupid." Some famous person said it once, I can't remember who, but it's SO true! Seems like the less educated someone is, the more they think they know, and the really stupid ones are always the most opinionated. I sent this article to my husband's oldest sister and she replied, "Thank you for a very inspiring and "downright truthful" article. That's it in a nutshell, Patrice. You are always very inspiring and downright truthful. Maybe you CAN "fix stupid." Even if it's just one progressive out of a hundred who you get to thinking and wondering! We can only hope. -Debbie

  2. Oh, no! My pillows don't deserve that, they've been good to me....LOL

    I have to chuckle, because I just said some of this the other day - you really put it perfectly and SIMPLY.....yes, it's that easy....and also up to people to fix their own problems, too.....

    The last sentence is gold! Yet so many just won't "get it" and make the coming times even harder than they will already be......

  3. I'll be thinking of you and family tomorrow as you take Pearly in. It's a horrible situation and I'm sorry for you all. But fresh veal will be soooooo good on the menu!

  4. I made a HUGE amount of bad choices in my younger years. Everything you mentioned in your column and a few you didn't even think of! Eventually, I understood that it was my choices that were complicating my life. The magic word I learned was "No". Once you learn that word, life becomes a lot simpler! "Want to have drinks after work?" "No.", "Oh, lets do this just this once, nobody will know" "No". See? Makes it a lot easier than trying to come up with excuses, explanations and lies afterwards!

  5. I dont' recall what book it was but I read that book. I reconized all the idiotic wording that you quoted from it. Hitting a pillow? Give me a break. When I am angry it is usually becauswe I have made a dumb decision and have to live with it.

    Bow and get myself centered? I can't bow to myself. I know I can be a wicked person. I only bow to Jesus.