Monday, April 11, 2011


A blogger named Rich Kozlovich mentioned my latest WND column on his blog Paradigms and Demographics. One thing about this guy - he doesn't hold back!


  1. "...he doesn't hold back..." well that's putting it nicely. Actually in all honesty I'd wager that you're exponentially 'greener' than a lot of the 'greenies' he mentions. I know that type well and there are countless things they haven't thought of in regards to their lifestyle and politics. Lots of shortsightedness in that movement. I just thought it was interesting that your lifestyle and politics are reviled by them and yet they won't take the time to think about it and realize that you're living a much more sustainable (and moral, in a lot of ways) life.

    I'm really glad you're linked and getting exposure, but I definitely won't be visiting that blog again. He's just about as abrasive as a sandblaster.

  2. First of all, I am aware of Patrice’s rural farming life style. I grew up on a farm myself. Everything we consumed was raised on the farm. My grandmother made our own butter, cheese, fruit preserves, including juices, jellies and jams. Everything we consumed came from our farm with the exception of salt, pepper, sugar, flour and tobacco…my grandfather smoked. We also used pesticides.

    My grandfather came from and area of the world that didn’t have these advances and knew the difference between having them and using them versus not having them. He chose to use them. So I doubt that my vision is afflicted with shortsightedness.

    I do not revile her lifestyle, or anyone else who chooses a simpler lifestyle. Furthermore I am in communication with many of the prominent people who stand against junk science, and don’t I know anyone who sides with me on these issues who does.

    As for sustainability, I have no objection to anyone who wishes to “go green”, by whatever definition they choose. What I do object to are activists (greenies) who demand that everyone else adopt practices that have been abandoned for good reason….people starve. Generally these activists aren’t living rural farm lifestyles. And I object because people will suffer and die worldwide without the benefits of modern agricultural science. Feeding a family is substantially different than feeding the world. Norman Borlaug’s work is a blazing example of modern agriculture saving untold millions.

    I do not revile her politics because I have no idea what her politics are, except by the values she writes about. Traditional and moral values that we clearly share; which I think radiates from my blog. So I am not sure why this is even at issue.

    As for being abrasive…. how can someone be gentle with those who are promoting things that have such terrible consequences for so many innocent children? Much like the snake oil peddlers of 100 year ago, they are peddling death. If being as “ abrasive as sandblaster “ will force people to think in order to save the lives of these poor innocent children; not to mention the pain, agony and self incrimination that parents must go through when their children die….then I say thank you. I accept!