Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Might Be a Redneck If...

Here's another post I just uploaded to The Regular Guy entitled "You Might Be a Redneck If...

And yes, the accompanying photo was taken on our front porch.


  1. Patrice,
    I know you have had a wet and cold spring but why aren't there any flowers started in it yet?
    Love you Guys

  2. LOL Ottar....this goes to the dump. We're remodeling an unused bathroom into a canning closet.

    - Patrice

  3. I think it would work better if you moved it over there under the spigot.

    Bill Smith

  4.'s my snark of the day:

    You might be a city slicker if...

    You pay an illegal immigrant to spray poisonous herbicides on 'weeds' in your yard, then go to a fancy restaurant and pay for an expensive gourmet salad made with some of the very same kinds of plants you just had poisoned, and you don't know even know it.

    I know...I ain't funny, but I didn't promise funny, just snark. As you correctly pointed out in your 'Mouse roar' it's pretty hard to do funny when it comes to city slickers. But let's keep tryin' OK?

    A. Mscp...forest dwelling redneck and lovin' it.

  5. You can always spot a city slicker. S/he moves to the country and converts a canning closet into a bathroom.

    Anonymous Twit

  6. I thought it was funny anonymous. That type of humor is for people who can laugh at themselves and hence others. So take care and don't let bigfoot get you out there in the forest.

  7. I enjoyed your piece, Patrice, and laughed out loud at A.T.'s comment. Converts a canning closet into a bathroom...hilarious!

    I want to install a commercial-sized cooler in a portion of my attic for temperature-controlled storage (no basements here, unfortunately, unless you buy a 100+ year old house, which my hubby refuses to do...), but of course, my husband thinks I'm nuts.

    So, I store stuff in every closet in the house, under the beds, etc. Eventually he'll see the light.